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Sehon Xandra Marshall

Former diplomats Sehon Marshall, left, and his wife, Xandra Marshall.

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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines says it is aware of a report in the New York media that one of its diplomats reportedly punched his wife, also a diplomat, in the face at their Brooklyn home on Friday.

A spokesperson for the government told iWitness News on Friday that members of the Unity Labour Party administration have seen a media report about the alleged incident.

The spokesperson, however, said that the government would investigate the matter before commenting.

The New York Post reported on Friday that Sehon Marshall, a counsellor at the Permanent Mission of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations allegedly punched his wife, Xandra Marshall, in the face in Brooklyn on Friday.

Mrs. Marshall took up a post as Deputy Consul General at the SVG Consulate in New York, a post her husband previously held.

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Police officers who responded could not arrest Mr. Marshall because he has diplomatic immunity — meaning that he is protected by a law forbidding prosecution of foreign diplomats in the U.S.

Mr. Marshall is no stranger to controversy and apologised in 2014 for an undiplomatic statement he made about Vincentians in New York, even as he was in discussions with Kingstown about representing the ULP administration in New York.

In September 2014, Mr. Marshall, then a diplomat-designate, apologised for disparaging remarks he made about the occupations and the economic circumstances of some Vincentians in the United States.

Speaking on Cross Country Radio in late August 2014, Marshall said that before the ULP came to office (in March 2001), civil servants used to quit their jobs and migrate to the United States and become nannies and dog walkers.

The statement outraged Vincentians in New York, who, through remittances, contribute significantly to the Vincentian economy.

Mr. Marshall apologised two weeks later on We FM, saying, “At no time […] did I intend to hurt, shame, diminish people’s effort, ridicule people’s effort in my statement, but I think very often I get passionate, and in that particular instance, my passion went too far and I used some words that were unnecessary, were a bit strong, the language was a bit robust…”

Mrs. Marshall’s appointment as the SVG Deputy Consul General in New York became public last week Sunday, Nov. 19, when Consul General Howie Prince introduced her to Vincentians at a town hall meeting in New York, at which Minister of Tourism Cecil “Ces” McKie and head of the Tourism Authority, Glen Beache spoke.

Prince said he was pleased that Kingstown had seen it fit to augment the staff at the consulate.

Prince, who was appointed in September 2016, said that before the two new members of staff arrived, it was virtually a one-man show because he did not have technical staff to represent the consulate at the highest level.

“Tonight, I am pleased that the government listened to our call for help and have provided us help,” Prince said and introduced Bernadette Ambrose Black as the investment and trade officer, and Mrs. Marshall, as deputy consul general.

Mrs. Marshall told the gathering that she felt a “deep sense of humility” at being chosen to represent the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in New York.

Mr. Marshall is the second diplomat since 2014 to put St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

When he was appointed as Deputy Consul General to New York in 2014, Mr. Marshall replaced Edson Augustus, whom the government recalled earlier that year after learning that the diplomat had taken monies from persons in the United States and promised to help them to obtain U.S. permanent resident cards.

13 replies on “Vincentian diplomat accused of punching wife in New York”

  1. There is a process according to law whereby one could pierce the diplomatic immunity veil. So don’t make it apear as if diplomatic immunity gives one a blanket immunity to commit crimes in foreign country. The so-called diplomats only bring shame and disgrace to the Vincentian community worldwide while collecting a fat cheque.

  2. Mr Marshall I am a very successful physician in NYC area. I also do not abuse my partner. You are a shameful representive of Vincentian men. They do not deserve you. Please resign.

  3. Oh boy! Such a shame on our country. When you sing for your supper, n…a you should be thankful for that immunity. What a moron

    1. You should step down .You are not a leader or showing us vincentain a good example in the USA . Your partner is your hand not for your pinching bag you using the immunity to get away with beating a woman shame on you really a moron

  4. His appointment should be revoke!
    I wait to see what is the government finding to justify a husband punching his
    Greater responsibilities requires greater understanding and tolerance.

  5. Vesta Washington says:

    Diplomatic immunity should have conditions whereby lawbreakers can still be punished to the full extent of the law. Examples need to be set for individuals representing our country on such a level that would attract attention, both positive and negative.

  6. I presume that there will be a short and sharp investigation and the Vincentian government will take firm action if Mr Marshall has , by his actions as reported, brought the nation into disrepute . If he has not been immediately suspended and if he is not recalled / sacked if it is confirmed that he has assaulted his wife, it would be a clear demonstration of entrenched misogyny in Vincentian culture and evidence that domestic violence is regarded as acceptable…at home and abroad. Shame!

  7. Monica Williams says:

    Mr. Marshall. Enough is enough, your general behavior when socializing amongst fellow Vincentians, you have NO class that should afford you to represent SVG.. I do hope you’ll be charge for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

  8. Mr. Prime Minister ,

    It is time to fire Mr. Marshall ; for his behaviour to the Vincentians who live in the Diaspora . Worse yet his physical attack on his wife cannot & must not hand be tolerated or coddled .

    If YOU fail to fire him , his behaviour is going to be an extra large Millstone
    around Your Administration’s neck . Mr. Marshall seems to believe that having
    Diplomatic Immunity allows him to brutalize his wife .

    I have no doubt that YOU are fully aware that his behaviour if allowed to continue , without him being Fired , is going to hand the Opposition Party
    ammunition to Attack You & the Government . It is quite possible that if You
    fail to terminate his employment , You will be willingly handing the Opposition Party ammunition to attack You & the ULP , at the next General Elections .

    In my opinion Mr. Marshall needs to be fired ; I really don’t give a Damn regarding what he brings to the table .




    If you fail to do this , you will be unnecessarily hanging a Millstone around
    Your Neck & also the ULP . Mr. Marshall needs to be fired , as soon as Possible . If he was any Relative of mine I would still be of the opinion that
    he must be fired . I sincerely hope that YOU would have the Testicular Fortitude to Fire Mr. Marshall .

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