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Robert Steele

The accused, Robert Steele, outside the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown on Wednesday, after his arraignment. (iWN photo)

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Robert Steele 2
Steele leaves the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown after his arraignment on Wednesday. (iWN photo)

A man will return to court on Thursday for trial on a charge of possession of a round of ammunition without a licence at Argyle International Airport.

Robert Steele, of Villa/United States, was arraigned on Wednesday on a charge that he had in his possession at Argyle one round of 9mm ammunition without a licence that same day, Dec. 27.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge when Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias put it to him.

Steele was granted bail in his own recognizance and was ordered to surrender his travel documents.

He was about to leave St. Vincent for the United States when he was arrested and charged.

He appeared in court carrying his luggage.

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3 replies on “Man charged for ammo at AIA”

  1. This seem downright dotish to be caught with ONE round of ammunition. And to make matters worse, he is going to the land of guns, where you can find ammunition just around the corner.

  2. The man could have owned a legal firearm and forgotten the ammunition in his bag. This has happen to me before on a trip to the USA from another country but as soon as I realize this I dumped the ammunition in the garbage.

    Some background work done should have been to determine if the man had a license in his country of residence.

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