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Flow community outreach

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Telecommunications provider, Flow, made its presence known in the homes of over 200 persons nationwide, as the team embarked on their community outreach.

On Dec. 19 and 20, 2017, the Flow team, along with the assistance of the various community health aids, visited the homes of scores elderly, shut-ins and and needy individuals.

On Dec. 19, the Flow team divided themselves into groups so as to reach as many communities as possible.

The teams were able to visit communities as far as Fancy as well as Mesopotamia.

Continuing the two-day trek, residents on the leeward side of the country saw the Flow team meeting and greeting the less fortunate.

The community outreach programme has been in existence for years now, and the aim remains the same: to impact positively the lives of persons, while connecting communities.

Flow’s Marketing and Communications Lead, Nikala Williams said the response from the community outreach was overwhelming.

Williams said it was gratifying to see how excited and welcoming the elderly and shut-ins were towards the Flow family.

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