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Former model Yugge Farrell has alleged that Camillo had an extramarital relationship with her.
Former model Yugge Farrell has alleged that Camillo had an extramarital relationship with her.
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The 22-year-old former top model who was on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 sent for psychiatric evaluation after she had allegedly called the wife of a senior government minister a “dirty b***h” created a storm on social media from her ward at the Mental Health Centre on Saturday.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey, sitting at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, had granted an application by the Crown to send Yugge Farrell to the psychiatric hospital for two weeks’ evaluation.

The prosecution’s request came after Farrell pleaded not guilty to a charge that on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018, at Prospect, she called Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, wife of Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves, a “dirty b***h”.

Farrell was committed to the psychiatric hospital notwithstanding a strong plea by her lawyer, Grant Connell. The Crown did not present to the court any reasons to support their application.

But about 24 hours after she was warded at the hospital, Farrell created a social media tempest when she took to Instagram, an Internet-based photo- and video-sharing application, and alleged that she had a sexual relationship with a prominent, married Vincentian man.

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The woman posted some 20 videos, some of them duplicates, in which she spoke about a number of other things, including her modeling career and why it ended.

Some persons shared the videos to Facebook, stirring up that social networking website, with some persons voicing their opinions about her sanity and the truthfulness of her claims.

In Farrell’s first video, she gave a factual account of what had led to her hospitalisation.

She said that on Jan. 5, 2018, she went to court accused of calling the virtual complainant a “dirty b***h”.

Farrell further said that she went to court and pleaded not guilty to the charge and the court decided to send her to the psychiatric hospital “because — well, what else do you send people to the Mental Health Centre for anyways?”

Yugge Farrell
Yugge Farrell gestures as she leaves the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Friday. She will spend two weeks at the Mental Health Centre. (iWN photo)

Moving away from those verified facts, Farrell said that people are trying to fight her down because she ended the alleged relationship with the man, who she said was causing her “emotion distress”.

In the videos posted from the Mental Health Centre, Farrell, said that she ended the relationship because the man had made a certain sexual request and was sleeping with other women.

She claimed that the person with whom she had the relationship is mad at her because she “illuminated myself and I stopped telling him like how to get it down” and that she ended the relationship because of all of these “nasty things he wanted to get involved in”.

Farrell said that she had been a victim of sexual abuse but did not elaborate. The context of her comments, however, suggested that the alleged sexual abuse might have taken place when she was a minor.

She further said that her alleged relationship with the man, which she said ended in 2016, was not about love.

“Onliest thing me bin ah try do is geh some money outta um. Da dotish f****r,” she said, adding that while the relationship has ended, something “ah gi mi a lil bit a stress in me life”.

He “vex and bad mind me because me get all them talent ya,” she said, adding that when she is done saying what she has to say, “they” can do whatever they think they have power to do.

“The kinda secret me ha pon dem they, dem dey haffu relax themselves…”

Farrell said that the alleged sexual relationship was in an attempt to “get some money outta this government here, get some money outta it.

“Me ain’t really wah it. Me ah young gyal. Da dey done gone to me. Da dey dun mek me change my feelings from it.”

She said that she knows that it would “look ah way” that she has just gone on a rant and talking a lot of stuff and throwing word.

The model, however, said people are trying to fight her down so she has to “talk out the things in the media so people nah go join with them fuh try fight me down”.

In 2015, Farrell was a competitor in and eliminated at episode seven of 10 in the Caribbean’s Next Top Model competition.

In her videos on the weekend, she commented on her modeling career, saying that she used to be in more than one modeling agency and could have been doing a lot of things in modeling had she not decided to take a break.

She, however, said that she now has a lot of songs written down and can go to studio and record them and also a lot of inventions.

Farrell said that she illuminates herself and she is the one who brings down the inventions, adding that she doesn’t want to brag about her talents but want to do the action so people can know what she is about.

The woman said that she has a lot of things she is going to do for the new year for her fans and has gone “down ah de church” and had cleansed her soul, wash out all the badness inna it”

Right now her “merkabah ah spin. They don’t know nothing about merkabah and can’t even spell it,” she said.

“Merkabah/Merkavah mysticism (or Chariot mysticism) is a school of early Jewish mysticism, c. 100 BCE – 1000 CE, centered on visions such as those found in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 1, or in the hekhalot (“palaces”) literature, concerning stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God,” says Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia.

In the videos, Farrell, further said she is like an alien and those who are trying to fight her down don’t know about the illuminati and “illuminate”.

She said she knows she has gone on her little rant off but after this she was going to use her voice, which she said is loud, to try to defend herself.

She said that after she is done with the videos, she is going to use her time to focus on herself and her career and some of the things that she has stored up and wanted to release for a long time, and that she is taking her time.

The woman said she is coming into herself and knows who she is.

“Me done get rid ah all the shame consciousness, all the poverty consciousness, all the victim consciousness, all the fear consciousness, all the hurt consciousness. Right now, me legit, dawg,” she said.

She further urged persons to stay tuned for more videos, adding that not because she went on her “rant off”, anytime “they” try to come after her, she is going to let out more secrets.

It is not the first time that Farrell is making national headlines because of her actions or words.

Last year, she was a person of interest in a police investigation into certain posts made on an Instagram account bearing the same name as the one under which the videos last Saturday appeared.

The Instagram posts last year made some shocking allegations against a number of high-profile persons, mostly men, including persons in politics and national security.

12 replies on “Accused model in video ‘rant off’ from psychiatric hospital”

  1. Kenton Chance please stop exploiting this situation. For the good of SVG. Stop this silly incitement. You are already a popular person. Where is the integrity in your journalism to be so exploitative to the vulnerable?
    Shame on you!
    Karen Providence

    1. Don’t expect anything better from him. He’s not here for news but gossip. Real journalists would at least see if there’s any background story.

      Dont even waste your shame dear Doc.

    2. Rafael Stefania says:

      Do you realize that you are destroying the woman’s credibility and her life by publishing all these negative things about her in the news? Apart from the fact that you don’t respect peoples privacy by publishing their name, photo and the residence, you also seem to relish their predicament. Now is that what you call professional journalism? Mr. Chance.

  2. Rafael Stefania says:

    Amazing, you actually wrote an essay about this incident. You also made sure that the convicted woman looked like a mentally sick person. I like to read your newspaper for news from SVG but you are not at all objective.

  3. After she complete her evaluation and she is free, please have an interview with her. I can understand the emotional pain she is in, lets support and encourage her. God is good, every bad situation cometh good. To be poor is a crime in this country. Young girls please think highly of yourself, many of you out of school with or without subjects, please find some skills to better yourself. Life is not easy, hold your head up and be true to yourself. Sometimes you have to used one person downfall as a way of strengthening yourself. Never give up.

  4. These are the things which gets sweptbinderbthe carpet and cause innocent young females to become victims. I stand with the young lady feom SVG because women are and continues to be abused by our leaders and these incidents are been hidden from mainstream media. Ferrell expose who need to be. To the counsel who ordered that young lady to rhe mental institution my question to you is would you like for someone to do such to your family members? Be honest reply is you so much man. Shame on all of all you who talking about Kenton reporting. Time for those fight down and evil to done in svg. […]

  5. I would not blame Kenton Chance for reporting incidents that occurred. Kenton tells it like it is, not like many others who exaggerate and fabricate. Just look at the media in the USA, especially CNN, a real Fake News institution.
    The girl may actually be a bit weird, not crazy; (gee, I wonder how this […] judge could have known this from a few minutes in court). but if you examine many or maybe all of us, there is always something someone finds weird. I talked to a well-known Vincentian a few years ago and he believes in all the alien stuff. Many buy into the Illuminati conspiracy and just look at some of the church beliefs and believers of sects in SVG.

  6. Why are you guys blaming Kenton for speaking the truth. This is not a fabrication, he tells you like how it is, this is called freedom of the press.

  7. Kenton Chance is a defender of democracy and all I have seen from the dynasty is undemocratic behaviour.

    Mr Chance reports what he sees and hears and will not tolerate the demand for his silence on matters regardless of the political consequences he may be confronted with.

    Whilst some other reporters will succumb to bullying he will not.

    He is a brave man because others have received visits from authorities fishing for dirt on them that can be used to silence them.

    Thank you Kenton.

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