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Renwick Rose.

More than 350 civil society leaders from across the 53-nation Commonwealth of Nations will gather in London this week for three days of discussion and debate on key issues facing the 2.4 billion people who live in the Commonwealth.

The occasion will be the holding of the Commonwealth Peoples Forum, one of four such broad gathering which will precede the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, the others being fora for business leaders, women and youth.

These fora have become an integral part of the heads’ meetings and are designed to provide broader perspectives to the meetings of the Heads and the Foreign Ministers of the Commonwealth countries.

This year, in addition to their separate meetings, there will be a plenary of all the delegates of the four groupings on Tuesday, April 17.

Vincentian Renwick Rose, a civil society activist for over 40 years, is due to attend the forum.

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He is a member of the Board of Civil Society Advisory Governors of the Commonwealth Foundation and has participated in previous Peoples Forums in Nigeria, Australia, and Malta.

Rose is scheduled to speak on a panel on Tuesday on the topic, “A Just World Order”.

He has also been asked to be one of the civil society representatives invited to engage in discussions with the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers on April 20.

One reply on “Vincentian Renwick Rose to address Commonwealth Forum”

  1. Kudos and well merited. Just need some clarification. It is clear that Activist Renwick Rose is a member of the ‘Board of Civil Society Advisory Governors of the Commonwealth Foundation’. Is he representing the SVG Government at this forum or as the activist member for one of the five seats reserved for representatives of civil society?

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