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From left: Assistant General Secretary of the ULP, Sen. Carlos James, Constituency Representative for West St. George Cecil Mckie, West Kingstown ULP caretaker Deborah Charles, and Augustine Ferdinand.

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HAVANA, Cuba — A four-member delegation from the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in St. Vincent an the Grenadines, led by Assistant General Secretary, Sen. Carlos James, is on a one-week visit to Cuba as the Cuban Party and the ULP seeks to strengthen its relations on the heels of political transition here, under the new president, Miguel Diaz- Canel Bermudez.

James said the meeting comes at an important time as both Cuba and SVG continue to strengthen their relations against new threats to the progressive movements across the region.

“This is an important time in our political history as a region; we have the option of either working closer together in our struggle against imperialism or allow the imperialists to divide our political position at a State and governmental level. The political attacks against our people come in many forms and we have seen examples through the economic blockade in Cuba and now sanctions against Venezuela,” James said.

He said the political developments taking place across the region now provides an important platform for progressive governments within the regional bloc to deepen their relations.

“We are dealing with transitions in leadership across many Latin American and Caribbean countries and this comes with the emergence of threats to our sovereignty and our right to chart a course towards the development of our people without political interference,” James said.

Meanwhile Jorge Arias, vice deputy of the Department of International Relations of the CC-CPC said Cuba is grateful to SVG for its support to the Cuban people.

“When St. Vincent and the Grenadines vote against the U.S. economic blockade it is making a contribution to the revolution and it is expressing its support to the Cuban people and its continued fight against imperialism,” Arias noted.

During the one-week visit the delegation will call on the Cuban National Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution.

Constituency Representative for West St. George Cecil Mckie, West Kingstown ULP caretaker Deborah Charles and Augustine Ferdinand are the other members of the delegation.

The delegation returns to SVG on Sunday.

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7 replies on “Cuban Party, ULP strengthen relations”

  1. “new threats to the progressive movements across the region” everyone with half a mind knows that the cancerous Marxist movements across the hemisphere are regressive not progressive.

    The ruling class in countries such as Cuba and Venezuela are little more than slave masters and imperialists within their own countries. Quite simply the people of those states need liberating and people such as those supporting the Gonsalves and the family dynasty are in themselves traitors to the cause of freedom and democracy.

  2. C. ben-David says:

    Marginalizing ourselves from the United States, especially when we are trying to build up our tourist industry, by chaining ourselves to the failed Cuban revolution is a self-destructive foreign policy initiative.

  3. Average Joe says:

    Cecil Mckie never seem to be doing any thing except flying from city to city. There is never a time I can say he is involved in any thing productive.
    What’s is his role really? Because I never see him doing any thing constructive.

  4. Strengthening relations with the wrong nations, and a waste of tax payer dollars. You now have Venezuela[a Cuban satellite state] seeking talks with the US…When would SVG be willing to drop this affinity for socialism- a failed system?

  5. Calliaquaman says:

    Mr Speaker, John public will like know

    Who is paying for ULP Pary delegation to Cuba. From reading this article it seems like a party to Party trip (strengthen relationship)( of same flock) and not an official trip of the Government of SVG. Please tell John pubic who is paying. Accountability Again!

  6. I take it that we are all against this move. Is this really how the ULP government is conducting the people’s affairs. I too want to know who is paying, why are we wasting taxpayers dollars. So, Cecil Mckie and co just went to Cuba to collect a pat on the back from the “revolution”. This is very serious no joke fellas.

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