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NDP supporters at their convention rally in Greiggs on Sunday. (iWN photo)
NDP supporters at their convention rally in Greiggs on Sunday. (iWN photo)
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By Observer

I studied this thing carefully. The NDP seems to be well on its way to political dominance again. For the last several months, the ULP seems to have been outplayed. Everywhere you turn it is NDP, dominating the national discourse. You check social media, NDP again; presumably setting the pace. They have been dominating the national discourse.

After its ‘casket-sharp’ 17th anniversary rally at Calliaqua, the ULP tried to regain some momentum by attempting to bring into focus, Friday’s legitimacy as a candidate. The old strategy of when you can’t beat the opponent through fair competition, seek a disqualification, but that too was a dismal failure.

They were hit for six.

I was stunned while listening to what many have crowned the number one talk show in the country right now — Night Nurse. I was stunned to hear a recording of the ULP’s leader in his own voice essentially claiming that Commonwealth citizens, which include persons like Friday, are duly qualified to run for political office. This, after many of their supporters went over an “embankment” with the argument; so that attempt at regaining the national discourse quickly faded. That attempt — the usual smear campaign — brought Friday into zoomed focus, and the NDP ran away with the national discourse.

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When that didn’t work, we heard of a lawsuit against NICE Radio. Once again, it is the old strategy of trying to disqualify opponents that you can’t compete with. That discourse didn’t last for long. It was NDP again, dominating the national discourse, once it had announced its conventions. We barely noticed that Mia Mottley had swept the Barbados elections. Everywhere is NDP; so where does the ULP go for relevance? Several persons have called on them to lead the way in standing against the abuse of females in the country. That is one way to regain national relevance, but we shall wait and see what happens in that regard.

Having said all of this though, it is left to be seen if the NDP can translate its national dominance into execution at the polls.

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

11 replies on “NDP winning?”

  1. Winfield Tannis-Abbott says:

    This is so laughable NDP winning with all the confusion within their ranks. NDP will become a party once known but yet forgotten. NDP is the laughing stock for any political party in the Caribbean.

    1. C. ben-David says:

      True, true. This whole piece is nothing but empty political rhetoric with not a grain of credibility.

      As for the night nurse, I heard her on not-so-Nice radio on Friday again falsely claiming that the elections petitions were brought by the NDP against the ULP when they were actually brought against election officials employed by the government and a sitting member of parliament.

    2. It is undeniable that lately the NDP is in the lead no matter what some of these people leaving comments on this site say. Some of these people are very intelligent such as C ben. Some are ULP trolls such as the fake lawyer. However, the fact that the NDP is presently “leading” may be just luck. The writer is very accurate that trying to disqualify Friday because of a Canadian passport left Gonsalves with egg on his face. However, do not celebrate believing that we will get rid of a terrible leader. The economic policy of the ULP guarantees poverty for the country but wealth for the party, especially with very generous campaign contributions from the wealthy that they give tax-breaks to. Lumber and cement at election time is enough to garner the support of the naive to vote for thier own poverty. Keep in mind Gonsalves knows what to do at election time and “tainting” the vote and the voting procedure will also be used. It did not work for Hillary Clinton and in many other nations but it works in SVG because the ULP has far more control over the vote than parties in other countries. Godwin Friday is presently “winning” with the “would be” middle class but many of the super rich will shower Gonsalves with money and the multitude of the poor will easily be coaxed into voting for thier continued poverty when the right time comes. The Yugge Farrell saga will be forgotten and the illegal anti-constitutional changing the no-confidence vote to a vote of confidence will also be forgotten. The dumb will continue to vote for a leader that says he was appointed by god and his son is like Jesus.

      1. Winfield Tannis-Abbott says:

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you have join the bandwagon of laughing stock you are so funny. I hope you will wake up from your dream and witness a 5th term with the ULP in government again and with Camillio Gonsalves as PrimeMinister. LABOUR NOW

  2. NDP winning? If the lithmus test for winning is being part of the discourse[most of which has been unflattering] then in the current climate,the party is actually losing.

  3. Who are you red herrings???? Some of us could see right through you carbon copies of the perpetual evil…

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