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Carlyle Douglas was shot and injured in Kingstown Park Wednesday night. (Facebook photo)
Carlyle Douglas was shot and injured in Kingstown Park Wednesday night. (Facebook photo)
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A radio personality was shot as he stood in his porch in Kingstown Park Wednesday night

Carlyle Douglas, who host the 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday programme on NICE Radio, is believed to have been shot by the same men who robbed a shop and beat the owner and his assistant in the Central Kingstown community.

Douglas was shot in the groin area when he looked outside after hearing what sounded like gunshots in his neighbourhood sometime around 9 p.m.

Manager of NICE Radio, Douglas De Freitas, told iWitness News Thursday morning that he received a call from Douglas at 9:09 p.m. saying that he had been shot.

De Freitas, who left the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where Douglas is warded, about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, said that an x-ray had concluded that the bullet had exited his body.

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Douglas was “in good spirits, recognising what could have happened,” De Freitas told iWitness News early Thursday.

The shop owner and his assistant were also treated at the MCMH for wounds to their heads.

De Freitas told iWitness News that he had gathered from the shop owner and his assistant that they were at the shop when some men came with guns to rob them.

The men, who had ordered the shop owner to close the doors of the business place during their crime, also beat the shop owner and his assistant about their heads with the butts of their guns, resulting in injuries.

After leaving the business place, the assailants discharged some gunshots and ran along the gap where Douglas lives, about 50 yards away, De Freitas said.

He told iWitness News that Douglas told him that the gunfire sounded as if it had come from far away so he went and stood in his porch, which is on an elevation above the road.

De Freitas said that when he received the call from Douglas at 9:09 p.m. saying that he had been shot, he kept the injured man on the line and called the Central Police Station in Kingstown.

He said he was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Department, where an officer told him that that unit could not respond and that they would have to get police from elsewhere in Central Kingstown to go to the scene.

De Freitas said he then called the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he was told that the ambulance could not respond until police had secured the scene.

He said the case highlights a need for better co-ordination between emergency response agencies.

De Freitas said that when he saw Douglas at the hospital he forgot to ask him how he was transported there.

9 replies on “Radio personality shot, two others injured during robbery”

  1. Police has to secure crime scene before EMT can arrive? What kind of foolishness is this? Pure backwardness – this man could have bled out.

    1. It is a normal Emergency pracricenfor this to happen all over the world, you dont want the recuer become the casualty. The challenge here is to have a much faster Police response. I’m sure you would not go into the middle of a shooting scene playing hero to rescue anyone. You would wait until it’s safe…

    2. It is understandable that the EMTs could not risk going to the scene. I think that would be the same anywhere. It is just always curious that the police of SVG are rarely ever capable of doing what is expected of them, to include securing evidence. If you talk to the police you will find that the politics in the department are even worse than that of the politics of the country. some of this is possibly because of people outside the police, but elsewhere in the executive branch. It makes me think of Liat. It does not matter who manages the organization, it is those that have power over it that keep it in a state of total incompetence. Consider how badly things can get messed up when you get greedy, arrogant people that have no competence in particular fields telling those that do have competence how things are to be done.
      If you talk confidentially to police officers you may find that corruption within institutions that are supposed to be free of corruption (police or courts) does exist and makes life for everyone a game of chance.

      Can we ever expect change? Consider a country with great potential that nevertheless continually becomes poorer and poorer so the King appoints a new Finance Minister but gives him the very same mandates as the old Minister. Do you think things would become better?
      Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same.
      When a similar incident happens in the future as it probably has in the past, do not expect it to go differently until we one day change the rules that will cause an environment of change. I wonder if our leaders are smart enough to figure that out?

  2. Real foolishness police have to secure crime scene before some one can able to have medical assistance. Once 911 has been notified the operator who answered 911 call have to transmit the relevant info to the medical department where a triage already in place on the arrival of the casualty. No officers available No paramedics or the Ambulance not on scene. This person would of lost so much blood in result of death. Is time for the government and the Ministry of health of SVG to put serious measures in place regarding to health care. Such back ward country.

  3. Rawlston Pompey says:


    It has been said that ‘…Curiosity killed the cat.’
    Instead of a cat, the bell almost toll for a ‘…curious reporter.’

    When gunshots ring out, whether by day or night, stay out of
    harm’s way.

    If at home ‘…stay inside; not peek; …take cover behind walled
    partitions; …a safe corner; or …under a bed.’ In the open dive low;
    …take cover in a safe place.’

    Allow a reasonable time for the gunfire to cease.No need to follow the
    ‘…instinct of cats.’ Even with the proverbial ‘…9 lives,’ many have died.

    Whatever happened, it would be reported on social media or in the news.
    The apparent ever reliable and quickly informed ‘…IWN’ will bring it to you
    in the safety of your home.

    Accepting this news report, to say that a ‘…crime scene has to be
    secured’ while victims of gun crime winced in pain or lay dying is

    The duty of first responders is never about ‘…protecting crime scenes or conducting
    investigations,’ but primarily about ‘…life saving and prompt response.’

    If they failed to respond to a ‘…seriously injured person,’ such failure is capable
    of being translated to ‘…Gross Negligence.’

  4. SVG, WAKE UP!!!

    We are indeed THANKFUL for the Higher Power remarkably sparing the lives of Carlyle Douglas, NICE Radio host, and the business owner and his assistant, from those armed and dangerous robbers. Do hope that you all heal and GET WELL soonest.
    I call on the relevant authorities to fully investigate, identify, apprehend and legally charge the dastardly criminals – regardless to who they are. Time has arrived for a STOP to the lawlessness.
    It is TOO MUCH.
    No mas!
    Yes, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    Your vigilant compatriot
    Steve Huggins, A.I.C.
    Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Case Examiner and
    Private Investigator.

  5. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Though humans have, but one life to live, some appeared to have ‘…2 lives.’

    Save them; …live them, and …enjoy them. Do not be curious.

    Instead of a ‘…curious reporter or even ‘…radio personality,’ it might be more
    fittingly said ‘…a curious resident at home.’

    This may bring home the point that when gun shots ring out, even at home the
    ‘…curious occupants’ are also exposed to danger.

    Always remember, ‘…strayed or ricocheted bullets’ could easily find their way
    inside homes and into the human body.

    On the outside, it is ‘…even more dangerous.’

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