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Lorenzo Gould, left, was shot and killed in Vermont Wednesday night, while Marcus Sandy was shot and killed in Arnos Vale Thursday night. (Internet photos)
Lorenzo Gould, left, was shot and killed in Vermont Wednesday night, while Marcus Sandy was shot and killed in Arnos Vale Thursday night. (Internet photos)
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Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are investigating the shooting deaths of two men and the wounding of two other people in four incidents over a two-day period.

Shortly before midnight Thursday, the homicide count for 2018 reached 12 with the shooting death of Marcus Sandy of Arnos Vale in the suburban community.

Reports are that the man, whose age was given as 24, was walking home when he was shot and killed.

Sandy was shot and killed soon after he parted ways with a friend who also lives in the area.

He is believed to have been attacked while he continued on his way home, alone.

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Also on Thursday, the body of Vermont resident Lorenzo “Pop Off” Gould was found in his patio around 5 a.m., some six hours after residents of the area reported hearing gunshots.

The gunshots were heard sometime after 11 p.m., shortly after Gould had left for his home in Green Hill, a village in the South Leeward community, after exchanging pleasantries with residents.

Residents reported hearing a barrage of gunshot and reports suggest that Gould might have been shot as many as a dozen times.

Meanwhile, police are monitoring the progress of an Ottley Hall woman warded at the Intensive Care Unit of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after being shot in Clare Valley Wednesday night.

Police say that the woman has been identified as 26-year-old Kim Charles.

Carlyle Douglas 2
Carlyle Douglas was shot and injured in Kingstown Park Wednesday night. (Facebook photo)

They have offered no further details about the shooting.

And, radio personality, Carlyle Douglas, 56, of Kingstown Park, underwent surgery Thursday night and is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the groin area Wednesday night.

Douglas, who hosts a Saturday morning programme on NICE Radio, is believed to have been shot by men who had robbed a shop in his neighbourhood shortly after 9 p.m.

He was shot while standing in his patio as they fled the scene of their crime.

The criminals also beat the shop owner and an assistant about their heads with the butts of their guns, resulting in injuries.

Correction: An earlier version of this story had given a different name as that of the Arnos Vale shooting victim.

12 replies on “Two shot dead, 2 injured in 2 days in SVG”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    These are not only ‘…dangerous times,’ but also ‘…dangerous situations.’

    Though challenged, lest Commissioner of Police Collin John allows public
    confidence to wane or whittle, he shall show that he is a ‘…man of mettle.’

    Law enforcement must increase their vigilance; …vigorously pursue, and
    remove the criminal element apparently ‘…showing impunity; …disregard
    to the rule of law; and scant respect to the sanctity of life.’

    How much more can the citizenry endure?

    How much more can the Police tolerate?

    Though secular laws provide for due process, biblical teachings have long
    warned ‘…Whoever sheds man’s blood, …By man his blood shall be shed’ [Genesis 9]..

    1. Mr Pompey the problem is not the commissioner or law enforcement officers. This problem is in all Caribbean islands the root of the problem is ENGLISH, RELIGION, POLITICS, MONEY, FOOD, MEDICINE, AND CLOTHES. None of these things originate with African people we consume these things not knowing what they are, and their purpose.

  2. Since his appointment to the position of commissioner of police, Collin John doesn’t seem like he he a clue as to how to reduce crime in the country. Where are his strategies? Some of the things he can do is to force the government to make it illegal to have a tinted vehicle where it obscure the inside of a car. Common criminals use these tinted vehicles to cover up their crimes.

    He can al add on advocate the installation of cameraa on strategic places. This is also a deterrent.

    Thirdly, he can ensure that roadblocks are manned at certain times of the night from time to obtain time. This can be done on a rotational basis. Most of the crimes in St Vincent happen under the cover of darkness.

  3. Stop blaming or expect the police to do everything the crime does not affect the police what so ever but we the people …we need to stand up together n say to the criminal enough is enough

  4. two ways to stop or immensely slow down gun violence and crime …….stop officials corruption and secure/police points of entry in our country.
    If you want to destroy a tree , you do it from the roots .

  5. Rev.Bahadboye says:

    If we can get the people to understand their actions are in part destroying their total livelihood then we can make SVG the SAFEST and most fun loving place on Earth. It’s a challenge but we can do it . Let’s do for the PEOPLE and not for THE POLITICS of the PEOPLE …..Rev.Bahadboye.

  6. There are several ways to star reducing crime in SVG: Allow parents and teachers to discipline children and ensure they show respect for both parents and teachers.
    The police stations should be opened 24/7 and there must be emergency units available to specific areas. There should also be a hot-line where folks can “If they see something can say something”. To protect the caller the number must be located in Kingstown where the security person can relay the incident to the specific location where the call originated.
    The police services are not used correctly because some police men in town and village stations spend lots of time looking at TV. They should be out in the community speaking to the people, so they are aware of issues in the villages and towns.
    Village and town councils need to be reintroduced to that folks on the council can meet and discuss issues, like crime and environmental problems and other issues that affect the communities
    The police should have security sessions in all villages and towns to encourage folks to install cameras in the communities. The residents can pool money to buy the cameras to be placed at several location, so they can be know if someone approaches their homes or businesses.
    Anyone caught with a gun should serve 5 to 19 years in prison and if the gun is found in a house and the parents were aware of it, they should also face jail time. This will encourage parents to warn their children of the jail time they can serve, or report them to the police.
    I don’t believe the police should stop people at random, unless they have evidence to support their action. This will ensure the laws are carried out fairly and poor people are not the only ones to go through this process.
    I have no problem if the government get involved an install cameras through the island at specific locations in villages and towns. Taiwan can be approach to help fund this project, or the government can allow folks to purchase security cameras tax free.

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