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Daniel Edwards will spend the next month in jail. (iWN photo)
Daniel Edwards will spend the next month in jail. (iWN photo)
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A 56-year-old drifter around Kingstown was on Monday jailed for one month after pleading guilty to a charge that he swore at the acting police chief.

Daniel Edwards, also known as “Laugh” told the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court that he was guilty of telling acting Commissioner of Police Colin John, “Haul you mother**t” at Heritage Square, Kingstown last Friday.

The court heard that the police chief was patrolling Kingstown around 3 p.m. and went to Heritage Square, where he saw Edwards misbehaving and cursing persons.

John spoke to Edwards, who continued misbehaving.

The police chief spoke to him again and Edwards made the statement upon which the complaint rests.

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The defendant told Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett that he was drunk when he was misbehaving and cursing the top cop.

The magistrate told Edwards that he should not curse people generally, adding, “But to tell the Commissioner of Police these words, that is disrespect.”

The defendant told the court that he did not do so willfully.

After disposing of the matter, the magistrate immediately stood the court down for five minutes.

Although not stated, the reason for the break was to allow the police officer to remove Edwards from the courtroom and for court workers to spray air fresheners.

Daniel reeked of urine during his court appearance.

(Correction: Edward was jailed for one month, and not one year, as earlier reported.)

11 replies on “Man jailed for swearing at police chief”

  1. Hopefully, this one month sentence will keep alcohol away, he will get baths, and meals. When he is released he may keep away from the rum. Not sure that jail is the correct place for him, but that may be all there is at this time.

  2. This is one of the many reasons why I refuse to come back and live in SVG, they’re too backward for me. There are more serious issues facing the people than to worry about someone cursing the police commissioner. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s 2018

    1. Zip it, idiot! That’s the one reason why you “refuse to come back and live in SVG”?
      In whatever country you live, you can tell the top cop, the deputy COP “haul yo mother c***t” and expect… nothing of it, eh? So why in SVG?

      1. you must be a police lol……..but to answer your question ,,,in a civilize country where freedom of speech is a right …as long as the person is not obstructing the officer or committing a crime these type of offense should be dealt with differently so not to use up the courts or judicial system resources that can be preserved for more serious offenses . A simple reprimand with a ticket to pay a fee should just be issued .

        does any of this make any sense ….we are not living in stone age or police state .

  3. This guy needs professional help. He needs someone to clean him up. When sober he seems to be a nice guy. Matthew 22: 39.

  4. why this police commissioner want to clog up the judicial system over some foolishness only because he got his feelings hurt lol…………he right to curse you , and maybe he was cursing you telling you to go look for real gangsters and criminals , furthermore get up off your azz and do your damn job that tax payers paying you to do !!!

    1. “In a civilize country…”? What it is you’re really implying here…? You really listening to yourself eh?
      On the other hand, no I’m not a cop. Moreover, I do know that if you interpret “freedom of speech” to mean, freedom to say anything you wish at anytime, to anyone…. One day, you’ll be in for a big surprise, maybe from a police officer. You sound so “ignorant” Al, zip it! “In a civilize country…” !!?? Well I never…!

  5. with all the gun related crimes and unsolved murders this is what tax payers money is used for. Frankly the man will be better off in prison that sentence is not a punishment. he will be getting three meals a place to sleep clothes etc.

  6. Duffield Layne. says:

    SVG has slipped back into the darkness much to the pleasure of the ULP illegal regime — this exactly the type of people and system a thin pot Dictator like Gonsalves enjoys ruling over.

    I am happy I have no children or very close family members living there.


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