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In this screenshot taken from video circulated on social media, one of the suspected gays tries to escape as a man pursues him with a club in Calliaqua on the weekend.
In this screenshot taken from video circulated on social media, one of the suspected gays tries to escape as a man pursues him with a club in Calliaqua on the weekend.
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PM condemns mob attack on cross-dressers; police investigating

Police have launched an investigation into an incident in Calliaqua during which at least two male cross-dressers were attacked and beaten in the East St. George town on the weekend.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John told a press conference in Kingstown on Monday that he had seen a video of the attack.

iWitness News has seen two videos in which two men, believed to be in their 20s, try to escape their attackers, who were pursuing them with pieces of stick.

As one of the men run the veritable gauntlet, several persons attempt to kick him.

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The men are two of three who have, over recent weeks, been walking through Kingstown dressed in women’s clothes.

They are widely rumoured to be gay.

Speaking at the press briefing, the police chief said:

“I saw the video. I also consulted the Calliaqua police. They indicated that a report was made by the persons, they issued them with medical injury forms and the persons are yet to return the medical injury forms. A report was entered, however, and we are investigating the matter.”

The commissioner was speaking at a press conference called by Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Ralph Gonsalves, to speak on the alleged attack of a 70-year-old Peace Corps volunteer in Kingstown around 7 a.m. on Aug. 20.

Gonsalves said the police would address the issue of any crime against the cross-dressers who were attacked in Calliaqua.

He, however, condemned the attack, saying:

“First of all, it is unbecoming and wrong for anyone to hold any individual and just beat them for whatever prejudice they may have.”

He said this includes a male dressing in a manner that would suggest that he is gay.

“Just let them be. Why are you beating them? You have no right to do it. That kind of irrational homophobia is entirely unacceptable.

“You may think from your own value perspective and your own religious belief that homosexuality is wrong. As far as I am aware, and, in fact, I am empathic that the law doesn’t give anybody the right to go and beat somebody if they think that they may be a homosexual or may be advocating a homosexual lifestyle.”

The prime minister, however, said that there are laws in the country that speaks to acts of indecency.

“Whether dressing up like women amounts to an act of indecency would be an interesting test case from a legal standpoint. And I don’t know. I suspect that the police would have to consult the DPP and so on about these things,” said Gonsalves, a lawyer, who is also Minister of Legal Affairs.

“This issue, we have been talking around it. There is underneath it, underlying it, a history of discrimination against gays and lesbians,” he said and called for a national conversation on same-sex relationships, but said some other person or entity, not politicians, should start the discussion.

Gonsalves noted that the law says that engaging in “buggery” is a criminal offence and in relation to lesbians, it is within the ambit of “indecent sexual acts”, which are proscribed by law with punishment by imprisonment.

He said he feels sure that the church is not unmindful of what is taking place around the world and might consider whether they should start a national conversation on the subject.

On Tuesday, a video emerged on social media, accompanied by a male voice showing the appalling condition at a location where the three cross-dressing males are said to live.

Two of the three men attempted to hide their faces as the man making the video continued his commentary.

One woman who saw the video told iWitness News she wondered whether the intention behind it was to expose the men to further potential physical harm by telling persons with untoward intentions where the men could be found.

10 replies on “PM condemns mob attack on cross-dressers; police investigating”

    1. Who was caught in the act of buggery? You do know that for any prosecution, our law mandates being caught in the Act.

  1. This act of violence is as a result of a breakdown in our value system. We are called to live and work with people who are different and accept them as children of God regardless of their life style. Who gave us the power to reintroduce these old Jewish practices that our Lord Jesus had long condemned?
    The main issue here is not the differentness, but the lack of respect, and the indignity we entertain for the sacredness of life itself. No wonder the crime rate is so high. Come on people we have to first see God in people, before we relate to them.

  2. Who is really shocked by this unlawful act of physical assault towards apparent two gay men in vincyland. We have been acting a fool for sometime now and it appears law and order in vincyland is an after thought.

    I am not for the gay lifestyle whether it be a choice or mother nature’s way but I am totally against and so should be all civilized members of a society, the callous treatment of any person. Live and let live.

    Now, gonsalves is a lawyer and scholar but I don’t understand his reasoning that it would make an interesting legal case, if cross dressing could be construed as an act of indecency. Really, then that mean ah whole set of women would be locked up for wearing pants… LOL.

    I can’t see how cross dressing could be an act of indecency but hey this is vincyland, if the police could slap off people just so, why should we think it’s beyond them to beat and arrest a cross dresser… Smh.

  3. The Church does not pass laws, it is the politicians in parliament , hence it is you who must start the conversation. Let us know what you intend to do, because you are mindful of what is taking place around the world. Let us know what you will do when you are pressured to change our buggery laws.

  4. SVG you are showing yourself to be very backward and you wonder why you can’t get ahead?

    Keep cherry picking the bible about sin and referring to your archaic laws…..slavery used to be a law too!

    Backward Prime Minister too…..who has a prime minister for 20 years. […]

  5. Lol I figured if you dod feel or put clothing on someone what want to do with their life is their business but some people don’t like certain things being flaunted in their presence lol

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