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These first two scene, taken from video, show the attack on the woman. At right is the attacker, later identified as Terano “Tone Boss” Samuel of Troumaca.
These first two scene, taken from video, show the attack on the woman. At right is the attacker, later identified as Terano “Tone Boss” Samuel of Troumaca.
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Police have arrested a Troumaca man in connection with the brazen daytime assault of a woman at Indian Bay on Tuesday.

The assault, which occurred around 1:39 p.m., was caught on surveillance footage, resulting in the arrest, on Wednesday, of an 18-year-old man for the North Leeward community, located more than 20 miles from the scene of the attack.

The Police Public Relations Department, in a statement on Wednesday, said that consequent upon a report made to the Calliaqua Police Station on Tuesday by a 32-year-old female of Indian Bay about an assault in that community, the Police launched an investigation into the matter.

During the investigations, the police acquired footage from a video that was being circulated on Facebook showing a female being attacked by a male assailant in the said area.

“The general public is hereby informed that Mr. Terrano Samuel, 18 years old, of Troumaca is in custody assisting the police with their investigation into this matter,” the statement said.

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“The commissioner of Police Mr. Colin John will like to thank the general public for providing valuable information that led to the arrest of Mr. Samuel and the officers attached to the Rapid Response Unit and those stationed at the Calliaqua and Chateaubelair Police stations for their prompt response in effecting the arrest of Mr. Samuel,” the statement concluded.

The video circulated on social media shows the man loitering near a building near the beach.

As the woman approached the building from the direction of the beach, the man runs up to her and attempts to grab her.

The woman, realising that she was being attacked, fights back, but the man manages to drag her to another section of the building, out of view of the CCTV camera that recorded the incident.

A few seconds later, the man walking back into view of the camera with the woman a little behind him.

The woman, however, goes back out of view as she went back in the direction in which the man had dragged her.

The man then picks up something from the ground, walks in the direction in which the woman had come initially, before turning suddenly and trotting in the direction where he had dragged the woman.

The video ends at this point.

The assault occurred in the nation’s tourism belt, in a district where several hotels and restaurants are located.

The tourism strip has been the scene of several crimes over the last few weeks, including the robbery, at gunpoint, on Aug. 5 of two US-based Vincentian women who were in St. Vincent on vacation. The women were robbed along the boardwalk in Villa, as they made their way back to their hotel shortly before 10 p.m., after having dinner at a nearby restaurant.

In addition that crime, four women were abducted at gunpoint in the Villa area on Aug. 17.

Police have made arrests and have brought charges in connection to those crimes also.

All of the persons charged in connection with the crimes are teenaged males.

See below the video of Tuesday’s attack:

9 replies on “‘Tone Boss’ in custody in connection with assault of woman at Indian Bay”

  1. Let him see who is the real tone boss in prison. We must commend the lady for fighting back but I know things could have been much worse. The sad reality is that we just have an international airport which should boost tourism. However, I have little hope for tourism if there isn’t an aggressive stance against crime and violence.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Nothing could be more brazen than this self ill-advised daylight attack.

    Thanks to technology and the reporter.

    Luckily it was not the female who recently used an unconventional surgical
    procedure and almost removed her boyfriend’s ‘…ding-a- ling’ [IWN: July 16, 2018].

    Know that civil society has called it ‘…cruel and inhuman treatment,’
    but such attack necessitates punishment with the ‘…Cat-O-Nine.’

    More women would be able to walk alone from the beach in peace.

  3. I have no sympathy for rapists or intended rapists. This video sickens me so much. Offences like these are where I drew my line. I wanted no part of it, guilty or not.

    I know he’s also a person of interest in at least one other similar offence.

    18 and watch a nickname and legacy smh…

    I hope the law deals with you to its fullest extent “Tone Boss”.


  4. It is impossible and just as terrible to have so many police everywhere that it not only scares off the criminals but also the tourists. My guess is that this sickness we have in our society did not develop overnight. The remedy to reduce it is undeniably multi-faceted. It has to involve not just the police and the courts but also Family education (upbringing of our youth), Moral Institutions, to include schools and mostly and primarily Government. The remedy has to be instituted by government; who else? Why do we call them leaders if they do not lead?
    In this instance we have to ask: What did this youth want? Did he want money, sex or both? I have noticed that in SVG if a man wants sex he has to first go out and spend money on a woman. That seems to be the culture. If a man has no money will he seek to take sex from a woman? This means that sex can even be a crime related to economics. If this youth had a job he probably would not even be in this place at this time. If he had a job he may have more self-pride and not be doing this “bottom of the barrel” activity. Not all crime is economic related but most of the time it is.

    We have alot of work to do in order to correct all that is wrong in our society. A real cure will not happen overnight.

  5. I’m really glad that they caught that young man thanks to the cameras it would really be helpful in and around st. Vincent if a lot of cameras are in place whether on poles business places or anywhere that we really can get a glimpse of these senseless robberies murders rape what ever it may be it would really be useful maybe crime would be a little less in the country

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