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SVG Police. (iWN file photo)
SVG Police. (iWN file photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has dismissed as “absolute rubbish” claims that police responded quickly to the robbery, on Saturday, of physician Twana Browne-Caesar, because she is the wife of Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar.

“That is the kind of cannibalism that you have often among people who have the incubus of colonialism in their being; incubus meaning the evil spirit.

“They are so possessed with a sense of subjection even where there is no subjection that they go off on these crazy rants,” Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security, said in a call to Boom FM on Monday.

Browne-Caesar, 39, was exiting her motor vehicle with her child in her arms outside her home in Cedars around 9 p.m. Saturday when two masked men armed with a gun and a knife accosted her and relieved her of her handbag containing, among other things, cash, cellular phone and other electronic gadgets, police said.

Later that night, police took eight men into custody in connection with the crime, while a ninth is on the run.

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One of the men in custody is a police officer who had been suspended from duties pending the outcome of a criminal matter.

Ralph Gonsalves
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (iWN file photo)

Gonsalves cited examples over the past few weeks when police solved certain major crimes quickly.

“I just gave you examples. Was Ian Enoch a minister of government or the spouse of a minister of government when they picked up this guy quickly?” he said.

He was referring to the case in which Anwar Jack was arrested and charged with the murder of Spiritual Baptist bishop, Ian Enoch.

Jack reportedly confessed to the killing within hours after the police took him into custody because he could not give a satisfactory explanation when police on mobile patrol met him miles away from his home late at night.

“What about the guy Samuel? What about the two guys up at McKies Hill which I just made reference to,” the prime minister said, referring to a man who was arrested after he was recorded on CCTV assaulting a woman, and two men who police intercepted and later charged with robbery.

It was noted to Gonsalves that there were other instances, such as the abduction of the four women in Villa, when police reportedly took a long time to respond.

“The point about it is this: you may get one part of one story but you don’t know where the mobile patrols were and where they were going to.

“So you get some half-cocked kinds of information.

“The point is this, there were several persons involved who actually assisted including with important technology,” he said in reference to the robbery of the minister’s wife.

iWitness News understand that a civilian assisted police in their efforts to track Browne-Caesar’s mobile phone, thereby leading to the alleged robbers.

Gonsalves said the expert assisted “in the same way that the CCTV camera caught this person we identified because the CCTV was good enough quality that you were able to move and get this guy from Rose Hall who found himself out there, out in the Villa area with the lady he was assaulting.

“So that is the kind of a foolish trolling, I think it is called,” he said, as he continued to make the point that circumstances rather than the person involved led police to make swift arrests.

Police, on Monday, said Olrick Devon Manasa Hanson, of Mayreau, is also a person of interest in the investigation.

4 replies on “PM defends swift police action in robbery of minister’s wife”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Though there might be ‘…gray areas of operation,’ a Prime Minister may
    not necessarily rile up against a clearly ‘…uninformed section of the society.’

    The conscious-minded that see crime as a threat to society may think differently.

    These are the factors they would have considered, (a) …their safety and security;
    (b) …their freedom of movement; (c)…their livelihood and (d) the Rule of Law,’

    Given these, it seemed rather ‘…ludicrous and unintelligible’ for anyone to look at,
    or single out or believe that the quick solution of a crime that was allegedly
    perpetrated on a hapless or defenceless victim, may have been given special attention.

    Understand that the sophisticated ways some crimes have been committed, is
    often time consuming to solve.

    The public that may have provided valuable information, and in the instant
    situation, ‘…employing the use of technology,’ all law-abiding citizens should
    be pleased with the performance of their Police Service.

    Though it is an ‘…obligated and remunerated’ role, function and responsibility,
    the men and women shall be highly commended in their collective efforts to
    ‘…prevent, detect, apprehend, prosecute and control crime.’

    Not a messenger. Speaking from training, personal knowledge and practical experience. ***

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