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WANTED: Olrick Devon Manasa Hanson of Mayreau.
WANTED: Olrick Devon Manasa Hanson of Mayreau.
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Eight persons are in custody while a ninth is on the run in connection with last Saturday’s robbery of a government minister’s wife at her home.

Police said on Monday that they are investigating a report of aggravated robbery which occurred about 9 p.m. on Saturday at Cedars.

“Based on preliminary investigations, a 39-year-old medical doctor was exiting her motor vehicle with her child in her arms when two masked men armed with a gun and a knife accosted her and relieved her of her handbag containing, among other things, cash, cellular phone and other electronic gadgets,” police said in one of their regular bulletins.

They did not identify the victim in the matter, but she has been publicly named as Reisha Twana Browne-Caesar, wife of Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar.

Mr. Caesar is also Member of Parliament for South Central Windward.

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Police said eight persons are in custody assisting their investigation.

“One additional person, Mr. Olrick Devon Manasa Hanson of Mayreau, is also a person of interest in this investigation.

“He is on the run and is considered armed and dangerous. If seen, please approach with caution,’ police said.

In a wanted person bulletin, also issued on Monday, police described Hanson as 5 feet 11 inches tall, brown in complexion and having brown eyes, round face, and thin lips. They said he is of medium build.

The wanted man has a tattoo of a scorpion over his right eye.

Police said he is considered armed and dangerous and should be approached with caution.

“The police urge anyone with information pertaining to this incident or other matters to contact the ACP i/c Crimes at 1784-456-1339, Officer i/c South Western Division at 1784-458-4200 or call any police station in your district,” the statement said.

Among the persons in custody in connection with the crime is a suspended police officer who is a person of interest in an ongoing criminal matter before the court.

iWitness News was able to independently verify that the police officer has a number of injuries, including to the arm, head, and leg.

It is said that he sustained the injuries sometime during or after his encounter with police Saturday night.

5 replies on “‘Chucky’ wanted for robbery of MP’s wife”

  1. The police must stop beating people up. Unfortunately, it seems that higher ups — both police and politicians — either condone or turn a blind eye to these assaults.

    1. That is true. I was shocked when they did such to me. I did no crime. I did not resist detainment but still I was tripped then roughed-up by the Port Police. They took my cell phone and detained me for the entire day and continued to threaten me the entire time. Those responsible were rewarded?!?! No wonder the people do not trust the police. When I was in law enforcement in the USA, I was trained otherwise. In SVG it seems the very good officers are “kept down” and the worst are often promoted. It is no wonder the SVG Police is in the trouble it is in and has such a very bad reputation.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Not sure what is to be gained or lost by not identifying the victim.
    The public always have interest in crime reports, irrespective of
    societal status of victim/s.

    There is no problem with the victim, for it is usually the victim that reports
    the crime. So why hide or be secretive with the victim’s identity?

    This shall not be confused with identities of suspects who might only be
    ‘…implicated by reasons of association.’

    You are right Reporter, scoop it, and report what you know or that which
    you have confirmed as factual.

    Those familiar with Police work, know what ‘…reputational harm can be
    done to an innocent man.’ Thus, until there is ‘…prima facie evidence,’
    and particularly, where a suspect is not on the run, identify is withheld.

    If suspects are running from justice, then if the public is to render
    assistance, the Police must release their names.

    In ‘…Crimes against the Person/Property,’ there are, (a) ….the perpetrator/s;
    and (b) …victim/s.’

    These are usually well known facts to the public and reporters alike.

    The public, invariably, share victims’ information with the reporter/s.


  3. What’s troubling with this scenario in who’s next? If a minister of government wife was targeted, then no one is safe. So what is the minister going to do to protect his family? I am sure if the NDP march was just against crime the minister’s wife would probably join. It proves neither ULP nor NDP supporters are safe. Well except Ralph because he has police all around him and his house.

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