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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at Tuesday's press conference. (iWN photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at Tuesday’s press conference. (iWN photo)
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that that unlike former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, he does not have a kingdom.

The prime minister was responding on Tuesday to comments by Sir James on radio last month, that his (Sir James’) “kingdom” fell, and so will Gonsalves’.

Sir James, a founder of the main opposition New Democratic Party, relinquished the role of prime minister in October 2000, after some 16 years in office and, amidst sliding popularity.

On Tuesday, Gonsalves used the opportunity of saying that two designs were being considered for a proposed state-owned hotel at Mt Wynne to respond to Sir James.

“I’m not going to get involved as to say which design Ralph prefers because a fella, a former prime minister, Sir James, I heard him said that all kingdom fell and Ralph own will fall.

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“Well, I don’t have a kingdom. There might have been a King James and everybody around didn’t have a say so they have the court of King James. He might have had a kingdom.  I don’t have a kingdom,” Gonsalves said, apparently punning on Sir James’ first name.

“I’m the prime minister in a functioning democracy. But I would understand what he say because he say he handpicked the man to do this (the Financial Complex) and tell the man how to build design this one, also what he called ‘The People’s Palace’ (the Central Market), select also where to put it, he told us where to put the cruise ship pier, he didn’t need a study for that because he used to dive there as a boy and he knew and so on.

“Well, kings can do that. I’m not a king. So don’t ask me about which design I prefer. I don’t have that skill,” he said, adding that there are stakeholders and people with the competencies who can advise on that.”

Gonsalves noted that his tenure as prime minister will come to an end, but suggested the way in which that is likely to happen.

“Either voluntarily by me, the parliamentarians, which is unlikely, death, or also, very unlikely, by vote. Because I know if I go back I will win again — as the sun shines tomorrow,” said the 72-year-leader, who has been a Member of Parliament for a quarter century.

“That doesn’t mean that, as they would say, Ralph could only say he would win again if he rigging election. You know they will say that. I tell you that I know I will win because I know it inside of me and I know my prayers and I hear, I get certain answers but I never take the people for granted. And that may be some of the reasons why I win. Never ever take the people for granted.

“So some who think they might see my back voluntarily, they might not. I might answer the call of the people not to walk away yet because some things I hear some people talking, I might have to stand up in the frontline and take them on very sharply,” Gonsalves said.

4 replies on “‘I don’t have a kingdom’ — PM Gonsalves”

  1. When are people going to understand that the Pm is driven by challenge of “the people talking”?

    I say; people may age but do they change? No! The PM today may have matured a bit but the personality is what it is, the same Ralph Gonsalves fishing for crayfish in Colonarie (Cannarie) river. Read again>>> “So some who think they might see my back voluntarily, they might not. I might answer the call of the people not to walk away yet because some things I hear some people talking.” Lol

  2. We the people of S.V,G fedup of Ralp, we don’t need him or Sir James. These leaders or 2 big failure to S.V.G. They only have years of leadership, but whats the improvement of S.V.G. Although sir james was a better leader than ralph, both of them are in the same bracket. Ralp make the country harder than it was 25 years ago. No jobs more tax , vat, no improvement and the list goes on. A lots of businesses closed down under Ralph government. How can u as a good leader did not see taxing the business men so hard, who providing jobs for the people of S.V.G kills employment? Ralp have his education, but he don’t have a brain. He is a no brainer. He kill the whole country to satisfy his curiosity. He build an airport, no plans behind it. He help improve education, but no jobs after you sucessfully finish your study. What good in have an education and don’t have a job and have to live like the people who don’t have an education ? and some of them even living better than the one’s who have an education becaused of party choice? People of S.V.G stop love the leaders in the country and build a love for the country. And stop think of you are getting while others are suffering becaused of party choice. But most of all, I think Sir James need to shut up his mouth. He is a captain that abundant his ship like he said few years ago in a meeting in Tortola.

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