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Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John, left, and Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday.
Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John, left, and Opposition Leader, Godwin Friday.
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Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday says acting Commissioner of Police, Colin John, should step aside to allow for proper investigation of the sexual assault accusation made against him by one of his juniors.

A Sergeant of Police has written to the commissioner giving him seven days to respond to allegations reportedly made by the officer’s wife, a police constable.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in New York on Sunday, Friday noted that a police officer facing a member of criminal charges has accused the top cop of beating him while he was in custody.

“When these things are front page news, how do you feel as Vincentians? How do you feel out here?” Friday told the gathering of Vincentians.

“… this matter of the sexual assault allegation against the commissioner requires that the commissioner of police step down. I am saying that in this situation you can’t be at the head of a force that is supposed to investigate an offence of that nature while you are there.

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“So if there is merit in the allegation, then the commissioner has a duty to step aside until the matter is investigated.  And if he doesn’t, the Minister of National Security has a duty to the nation to ask him to step aside.”

iWitness News understands that the sergeant of police copied his letter to other national security officials and the Police Welfare Association.

John has remained largely silent on the allegation but on Sunday, Searchlight newspaper published some 40 screenshots from his phone of a sexually-explicit WhatsApp conversation between the top cop and the junior officer.

The publication did not say how it obtained the screenshots from the commissioner’s device.

On Monday, John rebuffed question about the allegation in a call to Boom FM, saying the scandal was blown out of proportion.

He said:

“I really would have preferred not to be on air, but, out of respect for your station, I said I would just call.

“I made certain comments to the printed media last week and I am really prepared to stick by that, I do not wish to go any further. I have what I will regard as more important things to do, which is the security of the nation and I would really prefer to concentrate on that instead of having to deal with this issue because it is blown out of proportion as far as I am concerned.

“It is something that I have to deal with but I would really prefer to occupy my time doing what I am paid to do, instead of dealing with personal issues and personal allegations. So that’s all I am willing to say.”

8 replies on “Friday calls on COP to quit over sex allegation”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Not surprising ‘…an attorney; …political personality; and an aspirant to elective office,’
    has joined the public debate.

    When a ‘…high profile public officer’ calls a radio station because he was embroiled in
    ‘…sexual controversy,’ it could never be said that it was ‘…out of respect
    for the station.’ No way, Jose.’

    This only occur if a person was so disturbed that he could not think straight and sought
    in futility to clear the air.

    What was known, It was usually about ‘…denying; …clarifying; …rebuffing or rejecting statements
    that may have been short or starved of facts or inconsistent with the truth.’

    The Commissioner may have been mindful of public opinion and perceptions of his official position as a leader; …his image; …character; …reputation and integrity.’These often inspire
    more debate.

    Well known American comedian Bill Cosby, had publicly admitted ‘…consensual sexual affair with females’ [2014].

    Four years later, investigations revealed otherwise. Prosecuted and convicted, he was slapped with ‘…3 to 1o -year jail sentence’ [Wikipedia].

    Commissioner Colin John shall be prudent in what he says to the media and public. Such could cause him many years of horror, while giving him plenty ‘…Dreams to Remember’ [Otis Redding].

  2. Mr. Friday, you call it an “allegation” I wish to remind your that “a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged”. So asking the Commissioner of Police to step aside is premature and extreme on your part.

    This matter “is blown out of proportion”. As the leader of the opposition, you must could find a more constructive initiative in utilizing your valuable time for SVG’s future development right now; I would hope.

    1. I endorse your statement ………such an irresponsible response coming from Friday , who wants to be the next leader and PM .

  3. Yeah!!Yeah!!Yeah!! While sitting at the head table with a candidate for West St George once linked to embezzlement of funds!! No lawyer should be in politics. Good leaders seek to make people’s lives go right; lawyers hope that people’s lives go wrong-Diametrically opposite goals!!

  4. Hashtag Prince says:

    No, it is just an allegation at the moment. So can’t ask Commissioner John to “quit”. One would have to recommend “Leave” either with pay, or half pay – depending on the circumstances warranted – pending the outcome of the investigation. If convicted then certainly he should be relieved of his duties.

  5. Concerned citizen says:

    No one should expect the Commissioner to resign because of an unproven allegation, but he should step aside temporarily, whilst a prompt examination of all the facts take place.
    I have sympathy with those who disagree, because I know there would be chaos if allegations can cause such disruption, but on the other side of the coin, just suppose the Commissioner received notice that a junior officer had been accused, by say a new female recruit, of inappropriate sexual conduct, with no witnesses. How would he respond if such allegations came to his notice, especially if is in the public domain?
    So I believe for the good of the force he should not be part of any investigation relating to this matter, and should step aside whilst an independent examination takes place.

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