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Accused murderer, Desron Roberts. (Photo: Facebook)
Accused murderer, Desron Roberts. (Photo: Facebook)
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Police have arrested and charged a Cane End man with murder in connection with the death, last Friday, of a female resident of Sayers, another Mesopotamia village.

Desron Roberts, 22, was brought before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown, on Monday, charged with the murder of 30-year-old Rodesha Bailey.

Bailey’s body was discovered about 3:50 a.m. on Oct. 26 in Sayers, Mesopotamia with stab wounds.

Roberts was not required to plea to the indictable offence and bail was not open to him.

The accused murderer was remanded into custody until Feb. 11, 2019, when a preliminary inquiry is slated to begin.

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Bailey was one of two persons found dead on the eve of the nation’s celebration of its 39thanniversary of independence from Britain.

Last Wednesday, police charged Roneam Baker-Caine, 26, of Byera with the murder of Fitzgerald Gregory Morris.

Investigators are alleging that on Oct. 26, between 11:09 a.m. and noon, at Byera, Barker-Caine caused the death of Fitzgerald Gregory Morris, 59, by chopping him about his body with an unknown object.

Police are also investigating the death of Shania Johnson, 19, of Biabou, whose body was found in Akers on Sunday morning, two days after her family last saw her alive.

Johnson, the mother of a 10-month-old baby, was employed under the government’s Support for Education and Training programme and was assigned to the New Prospect Primary School.

Her family last saw her alive on Friday morning when she left home to go to Kingstown to collect her salary and buy items for her child.

Her body was discovered in some bushes along the roadside in Akers Sunday morning.

The body had some injuries to the face but no obvious punctures or fracture, a senior police officer told iWitness News Sunday afternoon.

One of Johnson’s relative had told iWitness News Saturday morning that her family became concerned when she did not return home Friday night.

“She has a young baby, so she wouldn’t go out or sleep out without her family (sic) knowledge. Apparently one of her family member (sic) called and she said a male picked up and said she’s dead, and hang up,” one of Johnson’s cousins said via WhatsApp.

Correction: In an earlier story, iWitness News incorrectly stated that someone had been charged in connecting with Johnson’s death. We apologise for the error, which resulted from a miscommunication.

7 replies on “Cane End man charged with murder of Sayers woman”

  1. You just repeated an entire story about Ms. Johnson in this article…. not even a link to the other story but the entire story again.

    This is professional writing?????


    I also told you about fact checking.

    1. Vincy Lawyer,

      The error occurred despite our fact-checking.

      We spoke to four officials before publishing this story. Regrettably, none of them realised that the names of the murder victims were being mixed up, although they were being mentioned in the conversations. We did not realise that either, hence the error was published. That’s why we said the error resulted from miscommunication.

      There are several people who can vouch for our fact-checking efforts. However, if we at iWN make a mistake, we admit it correct it, and accept responsibility for it. As a responsible media entity, we made the correction as soon as it was realised. We do not simply delete the story and pretend that the error was never made

      In fact, the story was held for two hours while we awaited verification that the photo of the accused was the correct one.

      We at iWN remain committed to the highest standards of journalism.

      1. Perhaps my standards of FACT CHECKING are different than yours. I do get to err is human but sorry, getting names of murdered victims mixed up is too infantile.

        My opinion, personal and professional.

  2. Excellent work by the Police. I hope these charges result in convictions. Totally senseless murders. I wish to extend my thoughts and prayers to those who have loss love ones in such tragic circumstances. The Government and the people must provide the Police with proper resources so we can keep thugs like these off the streets.

    The Police Commissioner and the Government must adopt a more sensible approach in providing transportation for the Police. Pick up trucks are design for haulage and to transport load. Having Police Officers riding on the back of a pick up truck is not only dangerous it is also unlawful.

    The Police cannot prevent, deter, investigate or suppress crime effectively without the ability to move around in a timely and convenient manner. The public needs to see and feel the presence of the Police. They need to know the Police are a few seconds around the corner or a phone call away. Many of these crimes can be prevented if the Police Force is properly resourced.

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