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Police have charged a Campden Park man in connection with the burglary of the home of a police officer, another South Leeward villager.

Gregory DeCaul, a 49-year-old painter of Mahoe, Campden Park has been charged with the offences of burglary, damage to property and handling stolen goods.

Police are alleging that Decaul entered the dwelling house of a police officer of Rillan Hill and stole a quantity of items value EC$2,177 and US$120.

He is also accused of damaging one white metal door value EC$615 and other items value EC$793.

DeCaul is also charged along with Philson King, a 36-year-old labourer of Murray’s Village, for having in their possession in Kingstown at about 12 noon on Nov. 3, a quantity of alcoholic beverages reasonably suspected to be stolen or unlawfully obtained.

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