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Lowmans school

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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) on Tuesday advised teachers at the Lowmans Anglican School to withdraw their services, with immediate effect because of a sewage problem at the school.

“All the toilets that serve students have not been able to flush since Monday 26th November 2018,” the union said in a press statement.

“A sewerage truck is currently on the compound of the school emptying the septic tanks while school is in session,” the union said.

“The unbearable scent emanating from the truck, along with the loud sound of the suction device has interfered with the teaching and learning process at the school.

“Moreover, the members of staff are very uncomfortable with this situation as the 400-plus students at the school have been using the one staff toilet that is working.

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“The situation gravely affects the teaching and learning process, as well as the psychological wellbeing of all students and teachers at the school.

“The SVGTU takes its responsibility seriously and will not sacrifice the health of students, its members or any other occupant of that building. Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home until the situation has been rectified,” the union said.

In June, the principal of the Greiggs Primary School sent the staff and student home after the main opposition New Democratic Party failed to remove two portable toilets from the compound two days after a rally there.

The staff and students were affected by the smell of the chemical used in the temporary restroom facilities.

One reply on “Sewage problem at Lowmans school; union urges teachers to withdraw service”

  1. Rawlston Pompey says:


    What comes first, ‘…health or education?’

    Aren’t there ‘ Health and Building inspectors’ within the Ministries of Health and Works?

    Students using teaching Staff facility!

    Given this story, either that the School’s Principal may have ‘…fallen asleep in the office’ on this untenable situation or too weak a leader to fight, resulting in the Union’s timely intervention.

    When persons demonstrate indecisiveness or weak leadership to those they supervise and/or teach, then their Unions shall in their best interest, act or guide accordingly.

    Any situation that develops on any institution of learning that;

    (a) …poses a hazard to the health of Staff and student body; and

    (b) …not conducive to an enabling teaching and learning environment, it shall be addressed with

    None, therefore, may take issue or umbrage with the Teachers’ Union in its proactive and advisory stance to allow for remedies.

    Cheers to a strong and decisive presidency.

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