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St. George's Cathedral in Kingstown where the crime took place. (iWN photo)
St. George’s Cathedral in Kingstown where the crime took place. (iWN photo)
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A female visitor to St. Vincent and the Grenadines was robbed inside the St. George’s Cathedral in Kingstown, last Friday.

A source familiar with the development has told iWitness News that the crime occurred between 1 and 2 p.m.

The victim appeared to be in her 60s, the well-placed source told iWitness News, adding that the woman appeared “quite shaken” after the ordeal sand told police “two tall, slim, young males” accosted her.

The victim, a Caucasian woman, was relieved of all her possessions, including a handbag, money, mobile phone, and camera.

Police were summoned and detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department in Kingstown responded, the source said. 
The woman was said to be have been robbed, reportedly at gunpoint, while viewing the interior of the almost-200-year-old cathedral, which has fallen into disrepair.

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6 replies on “Tourist robbed inside cathedral in Kingstown”

  1. This is crazy…. and what about Toni Rose killing… when are we going to see an article updating us on this visitor who was brutally murdered. It’s been over 6 months and the only article you’ve ever written is about her killing

  2. According to Minister of National Mobilization, Frederick Stephenson “SVG Still One of the Safest Countries in the World”! His statement sure warrants a second take. Moreover, I do wish individuals like these could be a little more honest for once.

    Indeed, whilst delivering the keynote address at the SVG Police Force annual awards ceremony, the Minister of National Mobilization, Frederick Stephenson remarked that, SVG is Still One of the Safest Countries in the World. Truly who other than himself would believe such unadulterated twaddle?

    A word of advice to Minister of National Mobilization, Frederick Stephenson, he should go out of doors a little more often. Perhaps even do a little travel outside Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela and the rest of Central America.

  3. These young boys don’t care one f*ck. We need more policemen on the streets. Cameras etc. We have to be better guarantee our visitors and guests safety, otherwise, they won’t come anymore. I hope that the Victim is given every support possible.

  4. Lol live in a city with over 1 million people and we have 18 murders in 2018 do the math. One of the safest country in the world my a$$

  5. A very foolish act done by these two evil robbers. In due time all wicked ones will be destroyed by God if they don’t change before God’s day of Judgment called Armageddon. Psalm 37:9, 10; Revelation 16:14, 16. Then God will bring peace on Earth FOREVER. Psalms 37:11, 29.

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