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The accused, Winfield Sam. (iWN file photo)
The accused, Winfield Sam. (iWN file photo)

A man with a history of theft-related and other convictions has blamed a “supernatural power” for his latest crimes.

However, what is sure is that Winfield Sam, 35, of Lower Questelles, can thank lawyer Grant Connell that he would be spending only 12 months in prison, rather than the three-year (24 months) sentence initially imposed. 

Sam, who goes by the alias “Winterfresh” appeared before Magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Colonarie Magistrate Court, sitting at Georgetown on Thursday, charged with handling a stolen item.

He was charged with possession of a stolen generator, and pleaded guilty to the charge.

The facts of the case are that on April 12, about 2:55 p.m., police officers were on patrol in Sandy Bay when they saw Sam with a sack. 

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They summoned the defendant who told them that it was a generator he had in the sack.

Known to police, Sam was questioned and information was relayed to other stations in the district.

It was revealed that Godwin John, 49, of Colonarie had filed with police a report about his generator being stolen.

Sam told the court “supernatural power tek me on that day, ah didn’t steal it, just because I carry a bad record.”

He pleaded with the magistrate to give him a chance.

In handing down his sentence, Pompey told Sam that he should consider as “very lenient” the three-year jail term he was imposing on him. 

“Three years ah getting? Wow!” Sam responded.

“Alyo nah carry me back ah jail man, no mek no sense me go round dey,” stated the man, who is known for his theatrics in court.

“Alyo realise me nah get no money, so alyo send me round dey,” Sam said as he was escorted from the courtroom.

At the same time, Connell, who was not involved in the case, but had exited the courtroom during the proceedings, re-entered and asked the magistrate about the sentence he had passed on Sam.

After hearing about the three-year jail term, Connell told Pompey that the maximum sentence for such a crime on a summary conviction is two years in jail.

The magistrate then called Sam back to the dock.

He told the defendant that he should thank Connell for his intervention.

Pompey added:  “I find the summary conviction in prison of 10 years was quite appropriate in the circumstances but you would now face 12 months, which is not the same as a year.”

A prison year is eight months long.

As he was escorted out of the courtroom, Sam responded:

“Love all ah you. God is good.”

2 replies on “‘Winterfresh’ blames ‘supernatural power’ for latest crime”

  1. In my opinion, Pompey has proven himself to be quite incompetent as a magistrate. Just look at the size of the discount after the intervention of Comnell. Seems like these guys are in some kind of club.

  2. He deserved the Maximum, but we should thank Connell Grant for his rendering of a superior knowledge of the law than Magistrate Pompey who should be given some punishment himself for proving to be inadequate in his job.

    Pompey it may be time for you to go.

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