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Sehon Marshall, press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: Facebook)
Sehon Marshall, press secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: Facebook)
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Sehon Marshall, who Kingstown recalled from his diplomatic post in New York after he reportedly struck his wife in November 2017, has been appointed Press Secretary to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Marshall’s appointment as Gonsalves’ third press secretary took effect last Wednesday, May 1, about 18 months after his career in the foreign service ended abruptly amidst the wife-beating allegation.

The Gonsalves’ government recalled Marshall, who was, at the time, a counsellor at the Permanent Mission of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to the United Nations after his wife, Xandra Marshall, telephoned police in New York in November 2017 saying he had punched her in the face, splitting open her lip, at their New York home.

Police could not arrest Mr. Marshall because of his diplomatic immunity and the Gonsalves government recalled him for consultation and later accepted his resignation.

Mr. Marshall said on radio sometime after his return home that he did not hit his wife — a diplomat designate.

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He, however, offered no explanation about why his wife would file such a report on him.

At the time of the incident, Mrs. Marshall was waiting to sign a contract with the government of SVG as Deputy Consul General at the New York Consulate of SVG, a position made vacant after Mr. Marshall’s transfer to the United Nations.

Mr. Marshall was first appointed a diplomat in October 2014, one month after apologising on radio for speaking disparagingly about the occupations of some Vincentians in North America.

Marshall, 44, holds a master of laws degree in climate change law and policy, a Master of Arts degree in international relations and affairs and an associate’s degree in information technology.

The former teacher was once host of the morning programme on Star FM, the radio station owned by Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party.

After his career as a diplomat ended, Marshall hosted a show, “Up Late with Sehon Marshall”, which was broadcast live on Facebook, and, most recently, “Beyond the News” on WE FM.

GlenJackson was Gonsalves’ first press secretary, serving from 2001 to March 6, 2006, when he was murdered in circumstances unrelated to his work.

9 replies on “Recalled envoy appointed press secretary to PM”

  1. “Glen Jackson was Gonsalves’ first press secretary, serving fro 2001 to March 6, 2006, when he was murdered in circumstances unrelated to his work.”

    What an interesting statement Kenton, how did you come to that conclusion?

  2. The ULP totally destroyed that NDP political hopeful for abusing his girlfriend but look at what they do to one of thier own that did the same, or actually worse! The difference is that the NDP girlfriend can walk away because they were not married; this guys wife could not so easily do that. The ULP just waited about a year until they think everyone has forgot about it, then give this abusive man another priveledged position.. The ULP party leadership are a group of hypocrites.

    1. Vincy Laywer says:

      Beverly in that case, the victim proffered her side of the story. Note well, I said her side. Where did Mrs. Marshall publicly or privately confirmed the allegations?

      It’s a good thing the court of public opinion have no weight!!!!

      We will believe what we want too, depending on who….it’s sad!!!!

      FYI: My comments have nothing to do with partisan politics but is a general observation of how Vincentians opt to believe or not believe any utterance or perceived occurrence of something!

    1. Dear UTRICIA, its what is called birds of a feather.

      Remember when a man owes you this big a favour you own him. From day one he will do anything you ask of him.

      Remember Desmond Morgan, husband of the then lady Judith Jones-Morgan, the Attoen General. What a favour the fat man did for them.

      Desmond Morgan

      Chairman and board member of the National Commercial Bank Ltd the national government owned bank of SVG.

      Managing Director and Chairman of Directors of Blue Skye Communications Ltd. Which went broke owing the NCB bank millions.

      When he lost his position at NCB, he was graciously moved to Bragsa, birds of a feather cronyism

      Chairman of BRAGSA Ltd the SVG state-owned Roads, Buildings, and General Services Authority .

      Chief Executive Officer Skye Technologies Inc

      Vice President Association of Caribbean Exporters

      Then rewarded again and made a Board Member of government owned National Properties Ltd.

      So who was owing the favours in this case, Desmond or his wife Judith. Perhaps both but it all smelt a bit actually.

    2. Vincy Laywer says:

      Where is the LEGAL proof that he is an abuser? FYI: Hearsay evidence is not admissible subject to a few exceptions, this case being one that will not be classified as an exception.

      Utricia, if I knew you and I said something, does that mean its true? Rhetorical question….dont answer!

    3. Utricia, Do not pay any attention to the fake Vincy Lawyer. He is part of the ULP deception team. It was very well known that the man lost his position because it was proven that he had an altercation with his wife. He was removed to help facilitate that more of the facts would not come out causing him more negative exposure that would have buried him for good! Vincy Lawyer is running deception for his people on this site. He maintains that if it did not go to court, it never happened. What a deception artist! No wonder when we consider who he works for, or maybe he is the deception master himself!!! The team hopes we all have forgotten the details and they now set the man up again, cleaned him off with the passage of time and are giving him fuel to continue the race with a new number as if nothing happened.
      Again, I agree with Jolly Green. Something is apparently owed here!

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