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The cross-dressing males at the Miss SVG pageant last Saturday. (iWN photo)
The cross-dressing males at the Miss SVG pageant last Saturday. (iWN photo)
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One of the contestants in last Saturday’s Miss SVG pageant had a message for cross-dressing males in St. Vincent and the Grenadines “Stop it!”

However, her words had no noticeable effect on three cross-dressing males who attended the show dressed in women’s clothing and made their presence known at the front of the stage before two of them were escorted out of the VIP area, because they did not have the appropriate passes.

The message by Sonia Delicia, who was sponsored by telecommunications provider, Flow, and emerged second runner-up in the show, was not limited to the cross dressers.

In her talent presentation, the 26-year-old resident of Campden Park and Ottley Hall, appeared as a member of the Spiritual Baptists faith.

She wore a white robe and head tie and carried a candle and rang a bell during her presentation in which she said she had had a vision that morning while in “deep slumber”.

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In her vision, Delicia said, she heard “a voice from a distant land” saying she must use the pageant to talk to the Vincentian people because we have too many problems in SVG.

Among the messages from the voice was for Delicia to tell the young men to stop the killing of innocent people.

She had a similar message for rapist and paedophiles, and persons who steal clothes off lines.

“And the voice say to tell all ah the young men who ah put on de female garments and ah walk up and down in town like if dem ah woman and a try fuh fool man until one got lick in South Rivers to stop it,” she said.

Delicia was referring to an incident in April in which Leswan Stewart, 17, of Edinboro, was beaten after he reportedly dressed up as a woman in the community.

The beauty show contestant’s reprimand was rewarded with thunderous shouts from the audience.

Sonia Delicia
Miss SVG 2019 contestant Sonia Delicia during her talent presentation. (iWN Photo)

Among the persons who should stop their actions are women who take their partners’ money to mind “the horner man” (the man with whom they are cheating on their partner), and women who use bleaching cream

“Dem fuh proud ah dem blackness,” she said of women who use chemicals to get a fairer complexion.

Women who take measures to make their butts look bigger than it really is, those who put on false nails and can’t knead flour and peel green banana, were also called upon to “Stop it!”

Delicia’s final message was for people who were saying all kinds of “vile things” about the contestants, “about who bend up and who twist up and who nah fuh the pageant queen.

“Ah know some ah you in here tonight, ah say to stop it!” Delicia said.

On Wednesday, one of the cross-dressing men, who gave his name as Noel, told iWitness News that there is nothing wrong with his choice of attire.

17 replies on “Cross-dressing men told to ‘stop it!’”

  1. Joshua Richardson. says:

    Just asking. Is Sonia really a female? You are a Society of JOKERS. You accept Tyler Perry in his role as Madea but condemn these.

    1. Aye only vincentians could bad mouth vincentians. and if you vincy, you calling yourself a joker?? Watching these cross dressing men on TV and seeing them in reality are two different entities. So before yo sit down infront yo keyboard and clack clack with yo negativity keyboard warrior. Hush yo mouth and go yo way.

      A true vincy born and raise in SVG. PEACE!

    2. Who ever says that we as a society accepts Tyler Perry and his acts? Here you go making assumptions. She spoke nothing but facts and most people these days don’t like when that is being done. Are you a really a man cause you sounding like a female right now

  2. Who without sin cast the first stone, we all have sin and fall short of God glory,we need to be more compassionate to our fellow human beings ,let’s hold their hands and walk them to light and truth and I am sure they will be better human.

  3. Tyler Perry dressing up as Madea is for a specific purpose- to make movies. Cross dressing is not a part of his daily life. The two situations are not related one way or the other.

  4. is tyler perry vincention? is tyler perry doing that to trick men ? they are not a comedy show so this is far from comparable.

  5. Backwards island people. You all worry about the wrong things. Worry about them cheating pastor screwing underage kids

    1. @WONDERING: Cheating pastors abusing underage kids is not unique To ” Island people “. IMO, you are very backward to express your skewed mentality on something that is a global problem.

  6. David Wilson says:

    Our. God is a Holy God no sin is acceptable or condoned by him no matter how small or big the sin is Jehovah God hates it however he loves all his children but to know something you are doing is morally wrong or not right and to keep on doing it not taking heed to his correction can have serious consequences on that person in time God will give you over to that sin is your choice you been warned!!

  7. Nedra McKie says:

    Who as Vincentians are we to judge someone else and the way that they conduct themselves, If these beautiful young men choices to carry themselves as women that is there prerogative and no one else. Vincentians are warm people, I know because I am one of them, but we are supposed to be people that is fair and without this hate that we have towards LGBTQ individuals. Let them live there truth without fair of rejection, hate and deprivation, they are humans same as me and you, they just chose to live their lives in a manner that works for them. I am proud of the 3 of you and would hug. Peace and love to you and everyone.

  8. man end of the day this is what most people image of black men is beginning to look like Gay ass men, how want to be women, and i am one who is sick of it, where are all the real men at stand up against this Crap.

  9. People have a right to be who they are but do not force others to accept what you are. Guys who dresses like women are Girly man. But you should not insult and assault a man because they dresses like a woman.

  10. Only in Vincy/Caribbean she will be successful using that statement. Outside the Region, those words would Kill any chances of a Career in that area.

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