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Earl Randolph Medford

Fisherman of the Year 2019, Earl Randolph Medford pose with a woman after Monday’s announcement. (iWN photo)

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Sion Hill resident, Earl Randolph Medford, 38, and his two-member crew landed 470 pounds of fish to win the title of Fisherman of the Year and EC$10,000 in cash.

The crew of Elijah, a pirogue owned by Malcolm Alexander, also won one case of outboard engine oil, three life jackets and two cooler bags.

Shortly after he was announced the winner in Kingstown on Monday, Medford told iWitness News he felt “good, real nice” to have won the price which has eluded him since he started fishing at age 15.

He said he and his crew set out to sea about 4:30 a.m. on Monday and though “the weather was white” the water was not choppy.

Medford said they travelled about 60 miles to the south east of St. Vincent, where they made the winning catch.

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Earl Randolph Medford 2
Celebration on stage after the announcement was made. (iWN photo)

The second heaviest catch was landed by Andy McMillan, who brought in 347.3 pounds.

His prize was EC$5,000, one case of outboard engine oil, three life jackets, one case of beer, two bottles of vodka, two rain cloaks, and one cell phone.

Ray Anthony Clarke brought in 338.2 pounds of  fish for third place and wonEC$2,000, one case of outboard oil, three life jackets, two bottles of vodka, two rain cloaks, one spear gun, two cooler bags and a case of beer.

Lamar Cordice of Clare Valley, who brought in 333.7 pound of fish, was fourth.

The fourth place is a new category and for his performance, Cordice will get EC$1,500 as well as one cell phone, one portable charger and a one-week prepaid plan from telecommunications provider, Flow.

This year’s competition was held under the theme “Climate Change Affects the Ocean. Fish responsibly to sustain the Industry.

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  1. Well done congratulations to all the winners and they safe return to shore and may the rest of the year be a safe n productive one for all fisherman’s all over the world.

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