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A Canouan businesswoman was robbed of some EC$20,000 in cash Thursday night.

The victim is Carlita DeRoche, 46, owner of Bare Essentials.

The business, which is located near DeRoche’s home in Balance Village, includes a supermarket and variety store and is also the agent for MoneyGram and the National Lotteries Authority on the southern Grenadine island. 

DeRoche told iWitness News on Saturday that the crime occurred just outside her business place, which is located about three minutes’ walk from her house.

She said the robbery took place around 10:20p.m., right outside her business place, shortly after she had locked up for the night.

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 “On my way out, I did not see anybody at all on the road,” she told iWitness News.

She said she has an open Wi-Fi connection and, therefore, there are often persons near the business place.

However, it rained Thursday night and by the time she was locking up, everyone had gone home, DeRoche told iWitness News. 

The woman said that she would normally have someone who would come to accompany her when she was the business place later than normal.

However that person went home earlier.

“And as I was going, I just felt somebody held on to my hand,” she said, adding that at the time she had her phone to her ear speaking to someone.

The woman said when she felt the person hold on to her hand, she thought it was one of the guys in the neighbourhood joking around.

She said she then realised she was being robbed. 

The woman said her assailant was dressed in black, was hearing a hat had their face covered.

The person mumbled something very quietly but she couldn’t understand what the person said. 

“After he took the phone, he pushed me and I almost fell,” she said, adding that she was able to brace herself on a nearby shed.

“And that’s when he pulled away the bag from me. He pulled away my handbag. I had cash; my wallet was inside it. I had just come back from vacation about three weeks ago and in my wallet I had foreign currency.

“Overall, the amount was close to $20,000.”

DeRoche said that during the robbery she was “completely numb”. 

“I was traumatised, which I am still traumatised, because every time I think of it, I am really shaken. It’s a terrible, terrible experience,” she said.

“After it happened, I had to check myself to make sure I was not dreaming. I was totally out of it and confused. All my keys and everything was in my bag and my phone,” she said.

She said she did not see any weapon during the mugging, but when she almost fell, she saw a second person, who appeared to have been hiding behind a concrete garbage receptacle.  

She said the matter has been reported to the police, who are investigating.

DeRoche said she has since reopened her business – which employs three persons — because people need service and because of the type of service that the business offers 

“I’m still shaken up; still not myself. Scary,” she said, however. 

12 replies on “Woman robbed of $20k in Canouan”

  1. Juanita Jones says:

    These police are a big waste of time. She should have had a gun to protect her, a good place to carry it is in her bra or skirt.

  2. So sorry that happened to you. It is a very traumatizing experience. We will be visiting Canouan tomorrow for a few days. We hope to meet you and share some comforting thoughts and encouragement with you.

  3. It happened to me in Kingstown a while back and I was traumatized because no one expects to be robbed or mugged while trying to get into a van. I didn’t loose as much money as this lady, but it is still robbery. Then the Police Dept Officer was so inept. I remember it like it was yesterday. Nothing was done, and Yes! I also had Foreign currency taken from me in my rainbow colored purse in my handbag. A very adapt pickpocket thief. Then some moron in ST. Vincent on Facebook didn’t like my criticism of the Police Force and was not only RUDE. He was also very condescending. Don’t try that shit on me. I mean exactly what I say and I say exactly what I mean. The Police Force on SVG all need a Refresher’s Course. That was a pretty foolish move of Ms. Deroche to assume that because she is a local. The natives on the Island won’t rough her up and rob her. She needs to investigate the person who left early and change her STAFF around. It is going too be very difficult to trust the same people working in her establishment. Sorry Folks, I am just being practical.

  4. As the Last Days continue, wicked persons have gotten from bad to worse. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13. The Most High God,(Psalm 83:18) has promised to end all wickedness, including robbery, as Psalm 37:9, 10 prove. When wickedness is removed, then there will be peace in every area of life. Psalm 37:11. God will never lie. Titus 1:2. He will carry out his promise to end all evils. Ms De Roche, be comforted by God’s promise of a better world in the near future. Please listen to Mike when he shares such encouraging thoughts with you.

  5. I hope the catch the persons responsible,can also be an inside job investigate your workers

    1. We reported on this because someone who knew about it, informed us about it.
      We would report on the robbery of your sister, if/when we are in possession of the relevant information.
      Any assistance from you in that regard will be appreciated.

  6. Tisha Allen-Jack says:

    We are very sorry to hear of the distress you had to endure and pray that God will give you the strength to get through this experience.

  7. David Wilson says:

    Mom walking with that much cash is setting yourself up to be rob just like you did lesson learned hopefully this robber get caught one day ! let make st Vincent and the grenadine safe again it takes not just the hard work of the police. but every citizen playing doing their part God bless.

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