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Drug accused trio

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Three men, two of them Vincentians, will appear at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court, in Grenada, on Thursday, charged in connection with the seizure of 406 lbs of cannabis.

Kamara Lampkin, 39, and Kebba Omoro Foye, aka “Plazar”, 39, both Vincentians, anlong with Grenadian Rawlin Baker, 42, have been jointly charged with trafficking in a controlled drug and conspiracy to trafficking in a controlled drug.

An additional charge of importing a controlled drug was laid against Lampkin and Foye, police in Grenada have said. 

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2 replies on “Vincies charged over 406 lbs of weed in Grenada”

  1. Stop being a part of the herds of sheep, be a Lion. Think independently intelligent. Use your common sense. Cannabis, marijuana is a naturally growing plant. Think for yourself. Stop putting human beings in prisons for selling growing plants. Think about it.

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