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Kimmarley Douglas has been sentenced to four years and two months in prison for his crime. (iWN file photo)
Kimmarley Douglas has been sentenced to four years and two months in prison for his crime. (iWN file photo)
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A Cane Garden man has been charged with grievous bodily harm in connection with his alleged assault on a former lover, which left her with broken arms.

Kimmarley Douglas pleaded not guilty to the charge at his arraignment at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

He was charged that on Dec. 8, 2019, at Cane Garden, he caused grievous bodily harm to Monique Hutchins of the same address.

Prosecutor Police Constable Corlene Samuel objected to Douglas’s bail.

She said that Hutchins was treated at the hospital and released after the Dec. 8 incident.

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Samuel said that while it is an allegation, Hutchins is back in hospital with more serious injuries — some of which might be life-threatening — which were allegedly inflicted by Douglas.

Samuel was referring to an alleged attack on Hutchins, 45, last Thursday, during which she was reportedly beaten in the face with a hammer in the head and chopped about the body.

The prosecutor said that since Hutchins made a report on Dec. 8 about the alleged attack, police were unsuccessful, until last Thursday, in their attempts to locate Douglas

She said that the Crown was fearful that if Douglas is released, he would hinder the investigation.

The prosecutor asked that Douglas be remanded in custody for two weeks, after which his bail could be reviewed.

In response, Douglas, who did not have a lawyer, said:

“If yo make a trouble and police come two times and can’t find yo, that mean yo not around.”

He added that when the police came to look for him, he would run if he could, but he was not hiding from them.

Immediately after the charge was read to him, Douglas asked to say something. He told the court that police beat him since he was taken into custody on Thursday.

Monique Hutchins 2
Monique Hutchins before the attacks, left, and after both of her arms were broken.

He said that as a result, he cannot “hear outta me ears”.

The man further said that he had asked to be taken to hospital but that had not been done.

Douglas said he had complained all the time that he was at the Criminal Investigation Department, adding that he had asked for a lawyer.

He said he was using his appearance before the court to “explain my problem”.

“Police ain’t supposed to beat up people,” he said.

Samuel said that efforts would be made to take Douglas to the hospital for medical attention.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett denied Douglas bail pending a review next Monday, Jan. 13.

He also ordered that Douglas be issued medical injury report forms and taken to the hospital.

24 replies on “Man charged with breaking woman’s arms”

  1. I’m not supporting him beating the lady but is that the way to investigate a crime? Why beat up people?

    1. So because he say he was beaten by the police that makes it true..he could be saying that to find an easy way out.look whey he do the woman face and arms ,didn’t he also know you ain’t supposed to beat people like that.

    2. Well TAD he who inflicted beating should also be prepared to take a beating as well. If the police beat him am sure he did not get enough in he rass he can still speak whilst the poor woman cannot

    3. Why he complaining about getting some licks he should be the last person to do that he now see how it does feel when on the receiving end.

    4. Cynthia Taitt says:

      Police beat him up, they ought to have killed him or at least inflict the same injury on him that he did to the woman. He is evil!

  2. Cleopatra woods says:

    He Douglas said police not to beat up people, so he to beat up on the poor lady, if he got a bit of his own medicine and he not liking it . You all need to put him away for 20 + years they over doing this far to long. Some men act like women is something without value, and some of we women see ourselves as nothing without a man. Time for we as women stand strong together and let those men who beat up and disrespect us see we value ourselves. We as women need to show we are (=) at home in the street in the churches and in our work places. If we don’t stand up for ourselves who will.

    1. Well said. This treatment of women in SVG needs top priority and I know there are some uneducated folks that instead of addressing the issue in SVG will compare it to other parts of the world. STOP IT

      1. I so agree with you Tom Balcombe. Wished there was a “like button”
        Everything happened at home is compared to the rest of the world.

  3. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Accused of ‘…fracturing two arms, and subsequently ‘…hammering and battering’ a defenceless woman.’

    A very ‘…Weak Submission,’ particularly as the accused has shown a propensity for inflicting serious violence.

    This is clearly not a man who wishes to interfere with or ‘…Hinder Investigation.’

    This is a man who wants to see blood flow,’

    An alert Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett certainly was not moved by it.

    May have been moved by the ‘…repetitious violent behavior of the accused; …the nature of the offence; and …the gravity of the injuries sustained by the victim.

    Thus, of particular concern is the need to ‘…protect the victim from further violence at the hands of the accused.

    What a prosecutor may submit to the Court, is that if granted bail, ‘…he is more likely to commit similar offences or even the greater crime of murder.’

    Not bad that the accused also felt pain, but this should have been inflicted by the hands of the victim-not by the Police. This is called ‘…Brutality.’

    But then, both arms of the victim were fractured.

    Pain is pain, no matter how or at whose hands it was inflicted.

    Well done Senior Magistrate.

    1. IWN needs a like button.
      I have no expertise in law and matters of this sort but I strong agree with you. To me she appeared to be mostly concern about the so called investigation as opposed to the victims safety, should this monster be given bail

  4. I wish the police had beaten him enough so he wasn’t able to speak .
    Almost killed a woman but making a fuss cause u got a slap on your ear.

  5. Shemica smith says:

    This have to Be a joke, He Could have killed this Lady stiff Penalty for him he need to Go to jail.

  6. He deserves a good beating… vigilante justice is my preference in cases like these … no apologies because all I can think of is what he might do next …

  7. The police beating anyone they do not like in custody does not set a good example for society. Maybe that is why we are such a brutal society because the example the police show us is that it is alright to beat people when they displease you. Many of our people, like this man, act as thier own Judge Jury and executioner because the police show us that it is fine to do so.
    I believe, if he is found guilty by some of our great judges, that this man may deserve the death penalty. I also do not believe that a judge should ignore all the reports of beatings our police give to those in custody. This man may be lying because he knows that beatings are standard for the SVG Police and our police seem to be rewarded for beating people. I KNOW FOR A FACT that MANY officers get rewarded for being abusive in SVG, not for showing restraint. I am a former law enforcement officer from the USA and I can tell you right now that the SVG Police are going the wrong way, and they wonder why the people do not respect them. Respect has to be earned and it is not automatic after putting on a uniform. They wonder why we have such a brutal society. With all the beatings, what example do our police show our impressionable society?…That beatings are OK! Beatings are administered by the “good guys”.
    When the cowardly police beat you, you are not allowed to fight back or they all jump you and you get into even more trouble.
    This cowardly man will be locked-up for giving this poor woman beatings. Who will lock-up the even more cowardly police for giving beatings?

  8. 1) the cops should not be beating people in custody until their ears arch. 2) The law should have no mercy on this individual. He is truly a menace. The beast assaulted the poor woman and broke her arm. After that, he again set upon the woman with a hammer. He wanted to kill the poor helpless young mother in the presence of her children. What a beast. Not to mention the trauma that these people will have because of this incident. 3) I recommend 40 years with hard labor for this monster. Prisoner should be put to work, community work, there is so much to do.

  9. They should give Monique a hammer and make sure all his teeth are knocked out too and put his hands on a stone and beat him on all his fingers with the same hammer. These people are taking this abuse on our women and girls too far now.

  10. If this man gets convicted and goes to prison he will be severely punished by the other prisoners. Which will be great as far as I am concerned, because this will be man beating man, not woman.

  11. This man is wicked and highly demonic in his [alleged] behaviour. [Allegedly] [d]estroying the woman’s arms and face is extremely horrible!!!!!!! I am not the Law but he deserves to die. But the Law will handle that matter. If he is to come out of jail he should be 90 + years before he does so if he lives so long.
    Parents, take quality time to train your children God’s way so that they will not turn out like this wicked man. Proverbs 22: 6. Train them to be loving, kind and forgiving toward one another. Colossians 3:13, 14. As you train your kids, using God’s Word properly, you may help a lot in making the job of teachers much easier, and help towards achieving a much more peaceful society.

  12. jakethehyper14 edwards says:

    For me the beating wasnt enough i know this guy and its not now he beating this poor woman its been years only time she gets a rest is when he is locked up other than that he always doing it they should give him some good years

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