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The North Leeward town of Chateaubelair.
The North Leeward town of Chateaubelair.
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Unity Labour Party (ULP) caretaker for North Leeward, Carlos James says that the government has spent over EC$30 million in the constituency over the past five years.

James, a senator, said, on Sunday, that the redevelopment of Chateaubelair, the only town in the district, will be “the first start” if he is elected to office.

“So when you see we put in the bridge, we put in the jetty, we repair round going to Golden Grove, all of these infrastructure, capital expenditure we put in, we now have to move towards creating the environment where Chateaubelair looks like a town.”

James told the annual ULP consistency conference held on Sunday that an administrative complex in the area where the wharf is located “is not too far-fetched” and he has spoken to the prime minister about it.

“I want to have a banking system in place. I want to have the town board in that facility, the Customs, the post office and any other government departments in the constituency. I want them placed there so that we can have the administrative complex for North Leeward right there in front of that jetty,” he said.

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James is likely to be conformed as the ULP candidate for North Leeward and is expected to challenge the incumbent, Roland “Patel” Matthews, who is hoping for a third consecutive five-year term.

Matthews defeated James by 12 votes in 2015, when James made his first attempt to return the seat to the ULP fold.

James said that the government has completed every rehabilitation project needed to be done in the constituency over the last five years, with only the Chateaubelair fisheries complex and the agri-depot to be done.

“I am already looking at the idea of having the Chateaubelair Fisheries Complex refurbished and the building next to it … to put in place a packaging plant  where we can now bring fresh fish and seafood right into Chateaubelair, store it at the fisheries complex and we use the two-storey complex for the Audains as a packaging plant. We can export fish right here in Chateaubelair and in North Leeward.”

He said that the government has to rehabilitate the agri depot so that farmers can establish a cooperative to do agro processing

“All of these things we have to put in place. There is remedial work that we have done but we have to now move in the direction of creating opportunities for employment and wealth creation for our farmers, our fisher folk and our unemployed persons here in the constituency,” he said. 

James said he knows there are outstanding farm roads to be completed, adding that there is already monies for them, including from the Kuwaiti Fund.

Some of the roads to be repaired are those in Rose Hall and Hermitage in Spring Village.

“These roads are important for farmers to travel to and to bring their produce out. They are very important to our economy,” he said, adding that roads will also be done under the government’s Pedestrian Access for Village Enhancement (PAVE) programme.

He said there would be sporting facilities for Rose Hall and Rose Bank and completion of the playing field in Troumaca.

James said that government will not be able to complete all of these projects in one or two years but he was asking constituents to work with him, give him the mandate so that he could continue “the work and the great progress of the ULP” in North Leeward.

4 replies on “James to focus on redevelopment of Chato”

  1. Saboto and James are both singing the same ULP song. Now, If so much money was put into the economy, how come half the work-force is without jobs? And, those working are owed months and months of unpaid salaries. ULP only care crony illicit capitalism.

  2. This gentleman has just admitted that his party has neglected north leeward for 20 years. There is very little economic activity in those communities despite he being the party man in charge. He seems unable or unwilling to get much done in the constituency. How can you sir be satisfied with the state of affairs in that constituency under your watch and under your party. So why should we vote for you?

  3. James is a very good person. However, if he is selected please do not but the financial complex right in front of the jetty. Do not make it like Kingstown that did just that.
    A very stupid move!
    Other nations do not put a government building in the most prized piece of real estate. What is the purpose of that building being where it is at in Kingstown? What about a peaceful promenade for people to relax? Even a statue is better for ships to see coming into port. Anything but a government building!

  4. Oh how I absolutely abhor when ‘caretakers’ have all the say and authority instead of the duly elected representatives. What a disrespectful, wicked government. It is simply not right. If those same shoes get on their feet hope they won’t complain about the pinch.

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