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The deceased, Mickiesha Gumbs. (Photo: Facebook)
The deceased, Mickiesha Gumbs. (Photo: Facebook)

Mickiesha Gumbs, the 26-year-old Park Hill woman, who was stabbed to death on Saturday, allegedly by her boyfriend Vandyke King, 34, of the same address, had repeatedly been a victim of violence at his hand, her older sister, Joseth Gumbs told iWitness News on Monday.

Police, in a statement, on Monday, said that King — an aviation security officer at Argyle International Airport — is alleged to have stabbed Gumbs multiple times in the neck and was in custody, assisting with investigations.

Gumbs died while holding the one-year-old daughter born to she and King.

Her oldest child, a 9-year-old girl from a previous relationship was also present and is said to have witnessed the attack that ended her mother’s life.

The woman was also the mother of a third daughter, who is 8 years old.

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Reports are that someone telephoned King while he was at his workplace, telling him that a man had just dropped home his girlfriend.

King is said to have left his workplace and travelled to Park Hill, where he allegedly attacked Mickiesha, ending her life. 

Joseth, at times, spoke through tears as she recounted the last moments of her sister’s life and the abuse she had repeatedly endured. 

She said that King and Mickiesha were in a relationship for about five years and he repeatedly abused her physically, verbally, and psychologically.

“I witnessed it many times… He doesn’t want her to go anywhere, he doesn’t want her to get a cell phone, he always coming and — loud, cussing, calling she all sort of names; always ah call she whore and those kinds of names.

“Is every time our mother send a cell phone for her, he mash it up,” Joseth said.

Asked if she had ever seen King hit Mickiesha, Joseth said, “Yes. I was present many times.”

Joseth said that that she and Mickiesha lived on different floors of their two-storey house, with Mickiesha occupying the upper floor.

She said that while she encouraged her sister to leave her boyfriend and to report his alleged violence to the police, Mickiesha never did so.

“She was scared,” Joseth said. “All he was telling her he was a police. ‘You know I was a police. I was a police you know.’ Maybe to scare her not to go to the station or make any report or maybe she might think that the police mightn’t want to thing her because he was a police — not to take her seriously.”

iWitness News understands that King was a police officer assigned to the Narcotics Unit but left the force amidst an investigation into some confiscated illicit drugs that had gone missing while in police safekeeping.

Joseth said:

“I am lost. My sister got an innocent death because when she got the ride, was a pastor met them on the road. A pastor met couple of them on the road and gave them a ride. It was a pastor gave them a ride. I don’t know the name but I know him. He’s pastor at a church in Bellevue but I can’t remember the church name.

“He gave my sister, her daughter and a next girl who we are related to a ride — three of them at the same time.”

She described Mickiesha as “my baby sister, the last of five”.

Mickiesha Gumbs Vandyke King
The deceased, Mickiesha Gumbs, left, and Vandyke King in an undated Facebook photo. King is alleged to have killed Gumbs last Saturday by stabbing her in the neck.

Joseth said she and King did not have a good relationship.

“He and I weren’t on terms because of his violent acts and the way he come and move with she — push she off, chuck she off, cuss she out loud. He and I had a confrontation years ago. It’s recently we started saying hello to each other.”

Joseth said she had encouraged her sister to leave the man and file a report with the police.

“She always a say if she go a police station wha’ he go do from what he nah go do.”

Joseth told iWitness News that her sister was killed just around the corner from where they live.

She said that Joseth and her 9-year-old daughter returned from Kingstown around 4:30 p.m.

After taking her stuff inside, Mickiesha came back to a patio and was chatting with Joseth and some friends.

Mickiesha was discussing plans for her first daughter’s birthday next Sunday.

“She was saying what she would do and what we would bake and stuff like that.”

Mickiesha then got up and said she was going to King’s house to collect their daughter from King’s mother.

She also took along her 9-year-old daughter and invited a female friend to accompany her.

But about 20 minutes after they left, Joseth would hear the friend who had accompanied her sister, screaming out her (Joseth’s) name.

“By the time I ran to meet her — the friend running towards me, I running towards her, she was saying,  ‘O God, Joseth, Dez a kill Mickiesh.’

“I run to the area, when I reach there, I meet my sister just rolling up her eyes, gasping off and her first daughter was lying on her. I try to take the daughter off of her, begging persons to carry her to the doctor and then I blacked out.”

Joseth said that Mickiesha’s daughter witnessed the entire ordeal.

“She witnessed all of it and she (Mickeisha) had her baby daughter in her hand at the same time of the attack.”

Joseth said that persons later told her what had happened.

“When I went around on the block, … somebody was saying that somebody just called the boyfriend at the airport and tell him a man now gone carry home his woman. He then get a ride and left his job and come.”

Regarding the start of the violence, Joseth said that she understands that her sister’s killer tried to take a cutlass from a guy before in the area but the man was able to retain the weapon.

King is alleged to have then run home to his mother’s house.

“Persons all over the place hear the mother bawling for help, trying to hold back the guy and he tear down the mother’s clothes trying to get away from the mother because he went and grabbed two knives.

“My sister was still walking to get home, he ran her down and persons say that he fighting with her with the baby in her hand, kicking her up and she go over the wall into a flowers garden, where the act took place.”

Joseth said she does not know if Mickiesha was stabbed before she fell over the wall.

She said since the incident, none of King’s relatives have reached out to her or her family.

“We haven’t seen any family members or heard anything from them,” Joseth told iWitness News.

Meanwhile, one of King’s co-workers told iWitness News that King turned up for his 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift on Saturday.

However, sometime during the shift, he left work without even telling his supervisor.

It was not until some barbequed meals were to be paid for that the staff realised that King was not at work.

Sometime later, news broke that he is alleged to have killed his girlfriend.

The co-worker said they had interacted with King recently and he seemed “depressed and stressed”.

“I asked him if he was OK; he said, ‘Boy, you don’t even know — but we will talk’,” the co-worker told iWitness News

44 replies on “Slain woman was repeatedly abused — sister”

    1. Human rights activist says:

      To Jolly Green:So he got airport job because of ULP led to the gruesome died of an innocent woman? Why you so stupid Jolly Green? Is this information relevant in this case? Stick to the narrative please. You would of fail in school if you’re writing an essay. It’s a sad moment; so either you comment on the violence against women that’s not being taken seriously or sympathize with the family for the lost. Or don’t comment. Thank you.

    2. Out of everything in this article….your only take away is “Got airport job because of ULP connection”. A young lady lost her life!! who the hell cares about his party affiliation?? Ignorance knows no bound!

  1. If there’s any truth to the “macco man/woman” who called the accused that resulted in this young woman’s death, I pray that person never has one more restful night. People like you contribute to this twisted world and though, it may never be unearthed, her blood is also on your hands.

    1. I agreed with your comments. “there’s any truth to the “macco man/woman” who called the accused that resulted in this young woman’s death, I pray that person never has one more restful night.”

  2. man this is so heinous and heartless ….how can he be so evil to do such a wicked act with a young child and baby present .

  3. domestic violence and violence towards women has for decades plague SVG and the Caribbean as a whole and needs serious reforms in the laws and social structures in place to protect women and children or any victims for that matter .

  4. All this is happening because capital punishment is not carried out . This is a travesty when the hang man has no assignment. There are certain liberal lawyers who are part and parcel of the problem as they fight vigorously to free the guiltye. or secure a lenient sentence . They want us to elect them to office. God help us should that happen.

  5. ??? She should have killed him in selfdefense. Soon SVG women will have to be armed for their own protection? This really getting ugly. Men, our mother is a woman too. Respect one another. lives are precious, no matter what. Better yourselves don’t ever hit women, our sisters. It is just not right. the cops should set up a manhunt with 100 officers to capture this man quickly. try to do good investigation especially about the causality. Poor woman, the country mourns your loss.

  6. The raping and killing of our women has been going on for sometime now and no one takes it serious,even our high officials are being accused of these heinous crimes and it goes unpunished,we need to stand up for something else we will fall for everything,#svgwakeup

  7. Debbie Small says:

    I am shock how these no good men in st.vincent abusing women then these heartless lawyers pleading for them to do it again shame on you dead conscience money hungry lawyers your money and you will burn and you will not live to enjoyed your acquired wealth fron innocent blood.

  8. I dnt understand how one could just leave their job an travel that far distance just because someone call you and tell u they saw your ex or girlfriend coming out of a vehicle …whatever rage or anger he was in are u telling me that it couldnot have subsided,he couldnt hv cool down before he reach all the way to country….he is a sick person and it speaks alot about who he is…and to think his own kid n another kid was there n he gruesomly murdered that lady…he deserves the highest punishment there is honestly…what kind ah anger he could hv so

    1. That i always say if u hav 2 move frm point a to d wat rage can u still b in it???he put dat 9 old in such trauma…i dont kno ur fam bt my deepest of my being goes out 2 yarl…i cried reading that story poor 9 old…its really breaking me…lawyers ur job is to protect the innocence not justify the guilty actions…wat about her kids???esp the one who saw it all omg wat about her…its breakin my heart i swear i wish i cud hav jus hug her..god bless n keep your kids safe n b with ur fam in such grievances

  9. Phoebe Foster Foster says:

    May that person who call him and cause that young lady death may the taught plague they mind for the rest of their live they shall have restless sleep lost of apatite to each and no spirit to function until they come publicly and confess to what they have done and take responsibility to look out for her kids.

  10. I really think that st Vincent should reinforce hanging. They’re killing young mothers and raping our babies. I remember when they hang people for murder and you didn’t hear much of any murders. Who give this fool the right to take the woman away from her children? In front of her children!!!

  11. Andre Richards says:

    This is heartless and cruel. Men need to be more tolerant towards women especially. If tings can’t work out walked away. Checked story first before acting.

  12. After leaving the police force due to an investigation concerning missing illicit drugs, you are then hired to work as airport security… only in St Vincent.. Great job Mr Miller!!!

  13. I hope you will get the death sentence. To kill a woman in the presence of her children including your own child is beyond brutal! May you rot in jail.

  14. Brotherskeeper says:

    To the person who called the boyfriend, may your conscience eat away at your very soul for causing the death of this young woman.

  15. At one time SVG policemen were outstanding and Vincentians believed in them; I was a member of that Police force. Now there are several members of the Police force involved with criminal activities; something has gone wrong with that Institution I belonged to.

  16. Kenton it’s hurtful to see that photo of them both. Can’t you block out her face?

    And why did it take so long to release info on him? This is certainly not the norm. Is something amiss? He needs to get the full force of the law for this premeditated heinous act. He couldnt even think about his own child in her hand.

    I knew this young man as a student and it is incredible that he has degenerated to this heartless criminal. Young people need the Lord. Young people need the Lord.

    Why hasn’t his family reach out to the victim’s? After all the toddler is their blood too.

    God please bring healing to these families.

  17. Tears are flowing down my face as I read this horrific news o my GOD…
    The informer need to be jail for life . As a matter of fact, both the attacker and informer need to be hang on gallows or given legal injections and put them to eternal rest. Ralph please bring back the gallows in St. Vincent. Too many persons are being killed all in the name of domestic violence.
    My heart goes out to her children and the rest of her family. Those children will be terrified scar for life. Only God can heald those children’s minds.

  18. Talk the truth says:

    These type of men always leave bread crumbs…They usually break the rule of law or societal norms in some way. Wasn’ t surprise to hear of his alleged mis deeds in the police force. Furthermore, they target a specific type of women – a woman with a little vulnerability.They learn as much as possible about
    the women – especially her archilĺes heel and then use it back on her. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was using her being a mother at a young age against her.

    Granny use to always say a woman must never tell a man everything about herself..Need to know basis only; and some things you take to your grave.

  19. Annette Doyle says:

    It is so sad to hear of another female being murdered in SVG, by her male companion. My thoughts and prayers to the children and the young lady family. Those children have witnessed the most horrible thing that they could ever witness at such an early age, and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I am sure they are having nightmares and probably screaming and waking out of their sleep.
    I hope the killer never get another full night’s sleep, he should be tormented for the rest of his life. Men when you think of killing a woman, take deep breaths and find another outlet for your anger. It was a woman who give birth to you, when you disrespect your girl friend or wife, it is as if you are saying, I don,t care that a woman brought me into the world. I think this man has an anger problem and the person who told him that another man took his woman home should also be charged because they know exactly what kind of person he is. Did he even stop to think that the person giving her the ride could have just been someone from the village or just a friend? Men in SVG you must stop gossiping, it just caused a beautiful young woman her life, and leave three children motherless. Women in SVG you must stand up for yourself and each other, ORGANIZE! If you are being abused by your man, you don’t have to stay with him, report him to the police and if the police doesn’t do anything about it defend yourself, no one will fault you. Time to stand up for yourselves and your right. Let this be the last female to die at the hands of these men who have no regards for other people life.

  20. Am so disgusted by this horrendous act he cannot be human no way, to do this to this woman while her kids were present is inhumane I hope they put him in the deepest darkest hole in svg an throw away the […] key and the only time he get to see anyone is when they making his asshole target practice an bullseye in that […] all day every day coward […] I real piss stueepppsss

  21. Smh my heart goes out to her family and especially her kids ! It’s so heartbreaking because they will never see there mom again ! She was a good person, she was also a friend and we went to high school together . It saddens my heart! I wish the most evil and painful things upon him but god will definitely deal with him! Rest in love babygirl❤️

  22. English Master says:

    Human right activist is it correct to state would of failed your exam? Is that correct English or English VincentIan style?

  23. Yet another sad story of a young womans life cut short, following a history of domestic violence and abuse.

    SVG needs one big shake up, educating all men and women, young and old that abuse whether verbal or physical towards women will not be tolerated.

    How many times in public have you heard others promoting violence against a female, chants like
    ‘box she in she mouth’, ‘thro some licks in she arse’. All to be met with outbursts of laughter, like a pack of hyenas. All taken as entertainment.
    How often do you see or hear anyone step in and protect the vulnerable woman? No, that would spoil the entertainment.

    No one is interested in whether the woman is innocent, until there’s a fatality then everyone’s quick to speak up and let everyone know what they’ve heard and or witnessed.

    If this is you, you are part of the problem!! You may not have pulled a punch or promoted the beating, but YOU could have changed this womans fate, by denouncing violence against females.

    The path of history of violence towards women cannot change, without a change of behaviour.

  24. Vincy National says:

    The laws concerning domestic violence of any kind need to be stricter. Women should be taken seriously when they report a matter, instead of being ridiculed. Safe havens should be set up for these women to escape to.

    To think that she would have been alive if not for the nosy neighbour… Is sad. Yet when people like them should really intervene, they remain silent. Watch the abuse from a distance because “they don’t want to get involved”. Now your reckless mouth has led to the death of an innocent woman. And I say innocent because there is nothing in this world that makes anyone deserving of their murder. He could have walked away. Yet he traveled all the way from his job to kill her. Despite efforts from his mom and others to calm him down, he was intent on killing her. In the presence of her child and while she was holding his own baby! It’s time for acts of this kind to be stopped. Abusers (both male and female) need to be taught a lesson.

    May this beautiful lady rest in peace. How many more must die before we make a change?!

  25. Christa Gumbs says:

    This person who made the call to say the victim was drop off at her home should be charge with manslaughter!!

  26. Women in St Vincent you have to discriminate. You cannot choose any and any losser. This is part and parcel of the problem. My grandmother used to say you have man and manicou. Manicou is too good of a word to call such men that abuse their wives or girlfriend. I would call them scumbag.

  27. Sandra Small says:

    A man can only abuse you if if you allow it
    . However, there is a saying that some women feel that if a man does not abuse you they don’t love you. How pathetic b is such belief.

  28. This is not the first time this man made an attempt on a woman’s life. He almost killed his first child’s mother in rage before. Luckily, persons were there to stop it.

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