Leader of the Opposition, Godwin Friday. (iWN file photo)

Opposition Leader Godwin Friday said he would be happy to suffer blame for the delay in repatriating stranded Vincentians sailors, if doing so would speed up the process.

“Blaming doesn’t help a single person in this situation,” he said on NICE Radio on Monday.

Friday’s comments came one day after Prime Minister, for yet another time, said the opposition leader was yet to give the contact information for stranded oil rig workers, as discussed on April 7.

The oilrig workers and sailors have been unable to return home for weeks because of the COVID-10 pandemic.

But Friday said that the prime minister never asked him to supply such information.

“If they want to blame me for everything and they will bring the people home tomorrow go ahead, do it. I know my conscience is clear. I know where I am; I know I’ve been working and try my very best with the limited resources and means, levers that we have to pull here. All I can do is advocate and try and push the government.”

The opposition leader said he has tried to be very patient “in terms of not playing the blame game because I know it doesn’t help anybody.

“What we need to do is put our heads together and say okay, here’s the solution, here’s a plan.

“The government simply has no plan. There only plan seems to be blame Friday. ‘The thing falling apart, it mashing up, you want to know who to blame? Blame Friday?’” the opposition leader said.

He continued:

“Well, here’s my thing. I don’t want it to fall apart. I don’t want it to mash up. I want the people to come home. I don’t want to blame anybody. I want to praise somebody and say, ‘Well done, job well done the people are at home.’

“I’d rather do that. And so let’s get on with it. And then I stop the nonsense and all this stupidness you’re hearing that on their radio station back and forth about you know, ‘Oh, he didn’t want people to come home.’ Come on! That is nonsense! That is going to, in any way, deal with the problem? You think people believe that anymore in any event? Stupidness!”

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