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From left: Da Silva, Bowman, Jackson and Wyllie at the NDP primary in Richland Park last week Tuesday night. (Photo: Lavern King/Facebook)
From left: Da Silva, Bowman, Jackson and Wyllie at the NDP primary in Richland Park last week Tuesday night. (Photo: Lavern King/Facebook)
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The New Democratic Party’s (NDP) constituency council in Marriaqua on Tuesday night voted for accountant Kirk Da Silva as their preferred candidate for the district in the upcoming general election, expected by year-end.

Da Silva, who in 2015 withdrew his bid to represent the ruling Unity Labour Party in that same constituency and endorsed St. Clair Jimmy Prince, who went on to retain the seat for the ULP, garnered more votes – 15 — than the three other contenders combined.

Among those that Da Silva defeated was a former representative for the area under the NDP administration, Bernard Wyllie, who came out of retirement from politics in an attempt to wrest the seat from the ULP.

Wyllie got eight votes at the primary, which was held in Richland Park.

His tally was four times that of Curtis Bowman, a pharmacist, who was the NDP’s candidate in Marriaqua in 2010 and 2015, when he lost to the ULP’s Girlyn Miguel and then St. Clair Jimmy Prince.

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Public servant Phillip Jackson, who was making his first bid to become a candidate, got four votes.

Tyrone James, the NDP’s general secretary, told iWitness News that as is the case with all candidate-select, Da Silva’s candidacy is subject to the ratification of the party’s central executive.

8 replies on “Former ULP hopeful gets NDP nod in Marriaqua”

  1. I did not know that DaSilva switched to NDP. When I read about his wise economic philosophy here on iwitness News, years ago, I realized he did not fit the current tax and spend ULP. In my opinion Godwin Friday, Exeter and Leacock have far more economic wisdom than the current ULP. Ralph Gonsalves is very good in many things but because of his very wrong economic philosophy the country will never go anywhere. By discouraging business with mountains of time-consuming paperwork and high taxes such as the high Corporate Tax and Customs, any business, (and thus revenue from employed people earning and spending) is much weaker than it could be otherwise.
    Instead of having the luxury of being able to pick and choose which foreign businesses get to set-up shop here, (when local business cannot provide) our government has to get on its’ knees and beg business to consider coming here and eventually they all leave when concessions end, because it is not economically profitable…thus we have high unemployment. Anything that builds the country should have very low or NO DUTY. High duty on production machinery and supplies is instead a way of PUNISHING PEOPLE FOR BEING CREATIVE. You can get a 50% or even 75% concession (which is still not good enough) on such things after going through LONG COMPLICATED MOUNTAINS OF PAPERWORK THAT TAKES MONTHS!!!
    We should make SVG business environment more like Singapore where low duties and taxes are LAW!
    I remember DaSilva as, at that time, being the greatest voice of prudent change for the ULP. Too bad they rejected his wisdom. Ralph Gonsalves is a master at certain things, such as getting reelected but a failure at providing an environment where prosperity can take hold.

  2. Therese Ollivierre says:

    Congrats Kirk. Anticipating full support from the other contestants who are considered members of a team. Come on team Marriaqua…nuff work to be done !

  3. You all need to go and eat some blackfish and breadfruit and be contended. Bernard wyllie stop your foolishness. Jimmy price is a very good representative in marriagua and doing a very good job. Wasting time and what ever dollars you have. Chat. You all are not going to beat that fat belly man Ralph Gonsalves, he has a hold on you all and not doing a bad job for that little island. For christ sake let you all foolishness stop.

  4. Mr chance l can’t believe you are still so backward.As you can see am not a very intelligent guy my self.But how can you have a head line story Da Silva gets NDP nod for marriaqua and in the same article you still saying the NDP head’s have to approve.So how can you say he got the nod.

  5. Imagine, the 2 worst options got the most votes. NDP’ s working to remain in opposition. The worst option got the nod. Unbelievable. They need to change the way they determine who goes forward.

  6. Mr. Dasiva. You are a man with moral, integrity love for your country and the poor and indegent, we welcome you in the NDP party. Welcome

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