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Promise kept
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By Anthony Stewart

  1. NDP supporters must die. This promise is being kept because more NDP people are dying as may be shown by the apparent increase in the death rate. People from the other party are dying too. Hard times are killing all of us. The number of funeral homes has increased to cope with the increase.
  2. Girls can be had at 3 for 10. Prostitution is on the increase. Many try to cope with the hard times by selling their bodies. Sexual offences may also be on the rise. Counsellors are at their wits end to deal with sexual assaults involving children under 15 years, the local consent age. They may feel helpless even at the secondary schools and the Dodge (Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre) where troubled boys should feel safe.
  3. The leader of the Labour Party is reputed to have said that Grenadines people will eat grass. Keeping this promise led to the 1979 Uprising. Despite this we are still eating grass. Government goods and services that should be made available in the Grenadines must be obtained only on the mainland at great extra cost. These include: birth papers, blood tests, tertiary education, Tech-Voc training, land valuation, and cost of dying.

Other people have been eating grass too. Many do not recognise the Farmers ID. Many young people have not been allowed to open an account at any of the financial institutions and hence do not have a savings account. We continue to eat grass. Since we were brought here from Africa we have been eating maize from the grass family. While breadfruit was brought in for slaves on the mainland, the Grenadines people had to eat grass.

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3 replies on “Promises made and kept”

  1. Percival Thomas says:

    Isn’t the the solution to all of this relatively easy? Thursday we go to the polls, whatever the weather and VOTE Ralph and the ULP our of office and stop all the hardship you have written about. VOTE,VOTE and VOTE. VOTE ULP out of office.

  2. What you are saying Anthony is to make sure you all vote NDP.

    I am sure that is really good advice because if we can completely smash them this time. The ULP’s own secret polls show they will retain only 4 seats after this election.

    Things will be so much better for every Vincentian once we have got rid of this communist rabble.

    Vincentians deserve better, and that is what they are going to get.

    19 years of continual lies is long enough.

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