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Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache. (iWN file photo)
Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache. (iWN file photo)
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Visitors to St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are vaccinated against COVID-19 may see their quarantine stay shortened.

Currently, all persons arriving in the country must spend, at their own cost, 14 days at a government-approved facility.

Responding to a question at a press conference, on Thursday, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache, says that the length of the quarantine may be reduced for vaccinated persons.

“… so they have received their two shots if they’re coming from the States. So they have gotten two shots of the Moderna or the Pfizer, so they have certification that they have been completely vaccinated, the consideration would be that you will still need to come with negative PCR tests, you will still need to have a PCR test done on arrival and we will consider shortening the quarantine to seven days,” Keizer-Beache said.

She added:

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“The research thus far suggests that the vaccines, though they might decrease the possibility of being infected, they are not decreasing completely. So you can still be carrying the virus and so you can still pose a risk to us.

“So the considerations — and as I’m saying we are still deliberating and still have to be guided. But for now, you would still require the PCR test — a negative one — to come in, you still need to have one done on arrival. And will still have to do some quarantine, but that quarantine might be shortened.”

8 replies on “Vaccinated persons may get shorter quarantine in SVG”

  1. Those evidence of having had the vaccine must be legitimate and can be traced because we know some people crooked and will make up fake documents.

  2. You are a bunch a confuse people. What is the so called point of taking your vaccine that no one knows what makes up the ingredients of the vaccine and yet you want to convince Vincentians to take this substance not knowing what side effects it may have an each individuals but yet this vaccine does NOT protect the person and even after the person takes this vaccine they still are required to show a negative test and be extorted through 14 day quarantine in a Hotel. Ms. Keizer dont you see anything wrong with that? Nobody in their right mind and who love themself would seriously follow you so called experts and take this vaccine. This proves COVID is not about a disease but about an agenda being rolled out across the nations.

    COVID is just the scapegoat being used. NO ONE SHOULD TAKE THIS VACCINE not knowing what makes up the vaccine and what are the risks involved versus benefits. So far base on the testimonies of the experts there are NO BENEFITS in taking the vaccine. Therefore, why are the governments hell bent on forcing this on the population??????

  3. Does people know that this is not a vaccine? Do they know that this new technology has not been fully tested and they are being used as Lab Rats?

  4. Over 1M people have been vaccinated successfuly worldwide so far. The vaccines were in development well before last year and adjusted to work on the covid 19 virus. If we want to beat Covid 19 and go back to some sort of normality we need vaccination. The vaccines stop severe illness and death from Covid 19. The Astrazenca one also reduces transmission. Vaccination against illness is not new. Inform yourself by learning science, not by watching dubious Facebook and YouTube videos by people who’s agenda you don’t know.

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