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Bed mattresses at the NEMO warehouse in Campden Park. (Photos: Facebook)
Bed mattresses at the NEMO warehouse in Campden Park. (Photos: Facebook)
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The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Monday night, denied hoarding bed mattresses at its warehouse in Campden Park.

“The mattresses seen in the photos being circulated with the Governor General in the background were received late on Saturday, May 1 and are single mattresses which are being distributed upon request,” NEMO said in a press statement issued shortly before 11 p.m.

“Today’s delivery of mattresses was hampered by the inclement weather but efforts to distribute mattresses to those in need continues in earnest.”

There was uproar on social media, on Monday, after media accompanying Governor General Dame Susan Dougan on a tour, published photos of mattresses stacked at the NEMO warehouse.

Some netizens accused NEMO of hoarding the mattresses even as people displaced by the eruption of La Soufriere volcano were sleeping on sheets and makeshift beds on the floor in government-run shelters and private homes.

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However, in its press statement, NEMO “categorically” denied allegations of hoarding of mattresses and presented what it said are the facts in the matter.

“Distribution of mattresses is an ongoing process,” NEMO said, adding that, to date, “some 1,500” mattresses have been delivered to the 86 shelters that have been activated.

“Initially, cots were supplied, but most of these have now been replaced,” NEMO said, adding that 550 mattresses were delivered to families over the past few days.

“A 40ft container of mattresses bought through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning was received on Friday, April 30, off loaded on Saturday, May 1 and delivered mainly to persons in private shelters,” NEMO said, adding that the weather affected further distribution on Monday.

“NEMO wishes to assure the public that it has no interest in withholding supplies necessary for the comfort of those who have been displaced due to the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano. NEMO and its stakeholders will continue to coordinate the response to this national emergency in accordance with humanitarian principles.”

4 replies on “NEMO denies ‘hoarding’ bed mattresses”

  1. It’s not just persons who are displaced needs stuff, y’all need to reach out to every household and ensure everyone has the necessary things, there are more than enough for everyone. They were not sent for ULP and their supporters, they were sent for every vincentians. The whole world is now seeing how wicked this Government is.

  2. These blasted lunatics you all have down there in saint Vincent is going to regret running their mouth instead of going down on their knees and start praying that the country will get back to the way it was. You all is going to see more disaster than what is happening. Stop blaming Ralph and thank god that everyone is still alive. Lord have mercy people why you all are blaming the ulp people for the distruction you all has witness with the valcano. You all are demonds who don’t know their ass from their elbow. Luzette king why you have to make yourself so known in doing what you are doing up at customs. Let the government do their jobs and keep you all self quiet. You are just disgusting. It is sad when you hear Ralph do this and Ralph do that. You all are disgusting. Bless you people in saint Vincent. There are more to come. So fellow vincentIan’si I implore you start asking the good lord for blessings on our little island.

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