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Opposition Leader Godwn Friday.  (File photo)
Opposition Leader Godwn Friday. (File photo)
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Opposition Leader Godwin Friday has dismissed as “just another distraction” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves’ threat to sue him over comments he made at an Aug. 7 press conference.

Friday, when asked at a press conference last week, confirmed that he had received a letter from the prime minister’s lawyers.

Friday, who, like Gonsalves, is a lawyer, did not disclose the contents of the letter.

“That is a matter that we will have our legal counsel deal with. Again, this is all part of the process of – all of these actions that are taken, you have the state on one hand; you have the private action being taken.

“What is the common denominator? People have taken part in protests in Kingstown,” he told the press conference at which he spoke of his New Democratic Party’s plan to stage a protest in Kingstown on Sept. 9.

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“… if they believe that they are going to dissuade or discourage people from taking part in similar action, from exercising their democratic rights now that people are starting to regain that confidence that they should do so, then they are sorely mistaken,” the opposition leader said on Wednesday

“And that is just another distraction. I want to focus on what is important to the people, what deals with the issues that people are solely concerned with and legitimately concerned with, that brought them out on the streets of Kingstown legitimately and will do so again until government stands up and listens because the people are the ones who are in charge, not the government,” Friday said. 

4 replies on “PM’s lawsuit threat ‘just another distraction’ — Friday”

  1. The man is running like a chicken with out head, he don’t know what to do next, he must know his time in office is near, SO DR FRIDAY AND THE PEOPLE OF SVG KEEP THE RYTHAM GOING AND LET HIM DANCE HIS WAY OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL

  2. This protest is not, and should not be political. It is about the recent BIG MOVES INTO authoritarianism by the government these past many months.
    We are having our rights, privileges and Freedom taken away from us very quickly. The Prime Minister has already indicated he will laugh at the protest, and he is right, it will not stop him; but it will let everyone know that so many of us stand together against these authoritarian injustices.

  3. I think you will go down in history as one of the greatest embarrassments to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Rather than go out to speak to the people; educate them on the errors that the government is making, you have embarked on a shameful series of protests which has turned violent and resulted in injury to a country’s leader. This action has plunge the country into disgraceful hole and you all made international news for all the wrong reasons. In this modern age you portray your people as barbarians. I can guarantee this conduct will not get you elected. Just check your behaviour against that of the United Workers Party in Dominica and while you at it check their electoral record.
    You can’t win elections through protest and violence. You win elections at the polls after you convince the people you are better than your opponent.

  4. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    There is so much evidence out there recorded. Every word Gonsalves ever uttered is recorded and I listened to some of them where he say he discusses up to five time a day what is going on and sets policy with the police Chief. Margaret London is on top of it she has all the recordings if Gonsalves brings those charges we are going to have a good laugh at his expense.

    Bring it on lets have some real entertainment.

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