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The 10 officers pose with Commissioner of Police, Colin John.
The 10 officers pose with Commissioner of Police, Colin John.

Seventeen police officers from Course #31 have achieved the significant milestone of 10 years of service in the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF). 

The celebrating officers are: Cpl. 864 Gumbs, Cpl. 414 Hendrickson, Leading Seaman 58 Isaacs and police constables 184 Murray, 187 Neverson, 357 Cumberbatch, 137 Abraham, 242 Baptiste, 141 Billingy, 177 Cottoy, 301Charles, 89 Johnson, 432 Mctair, 73 Jack, 49 Edwards, 198 Scott and Able Seaman 214 Charles.

Last Friday, the officers commemorated their achievement by among other things, paying a courtesy call on Commissioner of Police, Colin John who presented them with commemorative plaques.

The commissioner used the opportunity to address the officers and congratulated them on their achievement and for their service and dedication to duty over the years. 

“I want to commend you not only for your service over the past ten (10) years but particularly for your performances over the last 20 months. Since COVID-19 struck, you have been on the frontline – then La Soufriere Volcano erupted and you were called upon once more to serve the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and you answered the call well,” John said.

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The police chief urged the officer to continue to work hard, be disciplined and loyal to the police force.  

“Do not make us overlook you for promotion but give us reasons to promote you,” he said. 

3 replies on “17 police officers mark 10 years of service”

  1. L'Soufriere Volcano says:

    […] big belly policeman is a style? aryo, hmhm, Well allyo ga alyo wok fo life. Don’t go off the farm like the COP, the spineless mumu stil got mr C. John waiting for Justice. Lock up wrong people for bussin the PM head. Police station then is free loot.

  2. Green Lantern says:

    SVG People say police in does beat innocent people and mek them confess to crimes they never committed, how they shot a man in his home and in the process shot one of their own then tried to cover up the case by blaming it on the man. So I ask myself can we trust them man day.

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