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Cleaners employed by the Kingstown Town Board have been told they must get a COVID-19 jab to continue in their jobs. Some have been in their posts for almost 30 years.

4 replies on “VIDEO: Street sweepers must take jab to keep jobs”

  1. What these people don’t realize is that covid 19 is a highly contagious airborne disease. You may not take the vaccine if you want but if you get covid 19 the chances of you surviving is greatly diminished. As far a vaccines are concerned, some of us are for and some of us are against it. We respect that but the issue in SVG is that people don’t even want to get tested much less take the vaccine. I hope people will come to their senses and make the right decision. It is not about your welfare alone it is about the welfare of entire nation. This covid 19 delta, gamma or mu is going to be around for a long time before we conquer it so do the right thing and protect yourself and your family. Don’t help to perpetuate this disease.

  2. Things can only gets worst in svg, if we don’t get RID of the man who is creating HAVOC in the country, throw [him] OUT OF THE OFFICE

  3. Persons shouldn’t loose their jobs because they don’t take the vaccine into their bodies its a freedom of choice this is height of pure wickedness going on but you no does who are causing persons to lost their jobs sad would be their portion taking the vaccine isn’t going to prevent you from getting the coronavirus you can still get it and spread it they need to stop this putting people livelihood at stake am wondering if these persons who is causing persons to loose their jobs because of not taking the jab sleep at nights

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