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The injured man in a pool of blood on Halifax Street Thursday night.
The injured man in a pool of blood on Halifax Street Thursday night.

Three people were in hospital Thursday night, one of them in the Intensive Care Unit, after a man who is said to have a history of mental illness injured them in  what have been described as unprovoked attacks in Kingstown.

iWitness News was reliably informed that up to 10 p.m., one man was at the Intensive Care Unit at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital being treated for “serious head injuries” while another had been taken for a head scan and was being treated at the Accident and Emergency Department, and a third was being treated for an injury to the hand.

Police have confirmed that they have one suspect in custody in connection with the attacks, which occurred sometime after 6 p.m.

One of the attacks is said to have taken place at Solidarity Car Park, located across from the police headquarters.  iWitness News has confirmed that another took place on Halifax Street, outside the Ministry of Transportation and Works. 

A witness, who asked not to be identified, said they were in the vicinity around 6:15 p.m. when they heard “weird sounds”, like one hard object striking another twice.

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When they looked in the direction of the sound, they saw one man collapsing to the ground and another “hustling” in the direction of the Ministerial Building, which houses the Post Office, carrying what appeared to be a metal rod in his hand. 

The witness said they rushed over to the man who had collapsed to the ground and asked him what had happened.

The man, however, was unresponsive, and other people who responded began to speculate that he had died.

However, the witness said that they observed that the man was breathing, but seemed to be unconscious. 

The witness said that some of the people who responded tried unsuccessfully to call the police headquarters, located two blocks over on the other side of the city.

One person was  able to reach by telephone a police officer who they knew was assigned to duty in a nearby area of the city and told the officer about the assailant. 

The officer, however, responded, saying that he had not seen anyone fitting the description.

Meanwhile, the man who had been attacked began to come to, and began to bleed profusely from his nose, eyes, mouth and ears, the witness said.

People who had gathered tried to stop passing vehicles to assist in transporting the injured man to the hospital. 

The police responded around 6:40 p.m. and took the man to the hospital.

The witness said that the police response might have been delayed by confusion over the area where the attack had actually taken place, as officers were responding to multiple reports of a similar nature. 

9 replies on “Three people in hospital after ‘mentally ill’ man attacks them in Kingstown”

  1. The problem is that SvG in this day an age to not proper psychiatric care for the mentally ill. Why is such a person out on the loose? Did they every get a psychiatrist or do they still only have a visiting one?

  2. The problem is that SvG in this day and age do not have proper psychiatric care for the mentally ill. Why is such a person out on the loose? Did they ever get a permanent psychiatrist or do they still only have a visiting one?

  3. This reminds me of that incident back when that female news reader mother had gotten killed.. how many more families have to be left with grief pain, and sorrow with unanswered questions before something put in place to get the ‘mentally deranged’ off the street. How many???

  4. The incident happened 6:15pm, 2 blocks away from the police headquarters. Give credit to the police, they were there on time for 6:40pm
    Sad that this individual got away with hurting so many people and nothing was done fast enough!!

  5. If the accused can do such this thing, and clear the seen without detection, those that fits the capability of a ill man??

  6. Recquel Bowens Baptiste says:

    They have mental people on the street an they interfering people an u still can’t do dem shit an yet they won’t take them off d Damm road this shit getting out of control even the kids not safe on the street an they not looking in to all these things but I know as for me an my kids am different I don’t care what d hell happen once they don’t come around me an my kids I good we to backward in SVG

  7. It wasn’t at the car park it was by the market square across from her majesty court and in front digicel. The man however did not get away as some young men coming from football practice apprehended the man that was try to harm another man and took him to the police station.

  8. IWN, that picture is very graphic me bwoy even if it distorted. So a mad man cut down 3 innocent people in the middle of town and get away? Way all the police them was? in the barracks relaxing? only yards away from police headquarters. Them boy must have been sleeping. no boy I can’t believe this but I believe it because it happened. Maybe they we waiting for transportation?

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