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The accused, Cornelius Kennedy.
The accused, Cornelius Kennedy.

A Lowmans Hill man today (Monday) appeared before the Serious Offences Court, charged with murder in connection with the death of Lanceford Wilson.

Wilson, a Paul’s avenue resident, died in hospital last Wednesday, where he was warded after being attacked in Kingstown on Dec. 2. 

Cornelius Kennedy, who is around 34 years old, was charged that on Jan. 5, at Kingstown, with malice aforethought he caused Wilson’s death by an unlawful act. 

He was not required to plead to the indictable offence.

Prosecutor, Sergeant of Police Renrick Cato told the court that the Crown was expected to call 10 witnesses to testify in the preliminary inquiry.

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Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne informed the accused man that bail was not an option at that point and remanded him into custody until March 15, for the preliminary inquiry.

Wilson was one of two people left unconscious for about a day after begin struck in the head in Kingstown in what police have said were unprovoked attacks.

The status of the second person remains unknown.

A third person who was struck on the hand was treated and released from hospital. 

Kennedy was taken into custody and taken for a psychiatric evaluation after the attack. 

Police initially said Kennedy was “believed to be mentally ill”.

3 replies on “Man charged with murder over attacks in Kingstown”

  1. The legal definition and the psychological definition of insanity are different. Therefore, in my side of town the consequence that follows from that is that you can charge a mentally insane for murder in some situation. If he’s not fit to stand trial he can be committed to a psychiatric institution for life instead of prison. Moreover the nature of certain crimes are such that their commission is indicative of a bad heart such as to expose the defendant to criminal prosecution. Don’t know what obtains in Vincy. Sad case.

  2. This is a sad case where d defendant is also a victim condolences to d family of d injured and d dead but this man is mentally ill why wasnt he picked up off the street before and given propper meds and treatment ?was he in the right frame of mind at d time ? How many more mentally ill wonder d capital steets everyday so these kinds of incidents are always a possibility doesnt that means that others should be held accountable??

  3. It is a failure of government in the proper treatment of the mentally ill. I have not visited the mental home as an inspector for a number of years now. But when I did I found people laying on urine soaked mattresses on the floor. People under-medicated and people over-medicated. The whole operation was a shambles and a disgrace to humanity. All of that was a failure of government to look after every citizen in their time of need. There was not even a resident psychiatrist on the island, there was just a visitation once or twice a month by one from Barbados, a semi-retired lady. I know that there was renovations of the facility over the last couple of years, but are the residents still suffering at the hands of a bankrupt government? We must also not forget this is the very place that during a court case between a member of the dynasty and a lovely young lady, she was sent to this home for evaluation and treatment, I am sure it helped destroy her soul. The people of SVG should never forget that incident and at the first opportunity get rid of the ULP, the dynasty and all connected to them..

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