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Dallaway roads
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By Taxe Pei-uhr

We have a road situation in Dallaway (just pass Gomea primary school up the hill — the first left — straight up). 

This road has been in this condition over 15 years and nothing is being done to it amidst the deterioration.

This area has over 90 homes and is occupied by people all of ages, occupations, ethnicity and socio economic status. 

The road in this area is very narrow and for the most part, it is a one-way street.

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Some parts of this road were constructed with asphalt, some parts with concrete and some was never paved at all, which is now a stretch of potholes and a muddy river when it rains.

The area representative (Mr. Curtis King) last visited the area during the election campaign and said that the road is extremely bad. He has never since returned to the area.

This matter was also reported to ministry of public works and BRAGSA on several occasions. To date, nothing has been done.

People living in this area  have vehicles that often gets damaged because of the road. These people are all paying taxes and deserve better. 

Many school children live in this area also and have to hold their shoes in their hands and walk out to the main access road or to a point that is not muddy to put their shoes on their feet. This is bad enough to watch in this day and age.

It is sad to see elderly struggle through the mud with their groceries and gas bottles because taxies refuse to go onto the road. 

On rainy days, it’s extremely challenging for people with vehicles, much more the ones without.

There’s an entire section of this road that is sinking. This caused a house to collapse and the occupants had to leave the property and run. Some of their belongings are still there in the house after so many years and the road continues to deteriorate year after year and no help from anyone. 

Even if the people responsible come and throw some stones or sand and grade it, it be will appreciated. 

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