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An American Airlines aircraft at Argyle International Airport in December 2018. (API photo)
An American Airlines aircraft at Argyle International Airport in December 2018. (API photo)

Passengers aboard American Airline flight 1577 from Argyle International Airport to Miami International Airport have been sitting on the aircraft for over two hours after “a strange noise” was heard during taxi.

A passenger spoke to iWitness News around 6:55 p.m., saying that boarding of the flight, which was scheduled to depart at 4:44 p.m., began about 25 minutes late.

No explanation was given for the delay, the passenger said.

The passenger said that after the boarding was complete, the aircraft pulled away from the gate and was taxiing for about five minutes when the “strange noise” started.

The captain announced that something was “wrong” with one of the “take off signals” and the flight could not depart, the passenger said.

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“They pulled back to the gate and we have been at the gate from then until now trying to fix it.”

The passengers said they did not observe anything being done inside the aircraft.

“The entire aircraft was shut down and it was dark inside. Then turned it on and nothing.”

The last communication from the captain was about 30 minutes before the phone call, when travellers were told that there was no sign of progress, the passenger said.

The passenger told iWitness News that the captain had expressed hope that there would be news soon to let them know if they would depart.

The passenger said that fellow travellers were sitting quietly, many of them using their phones, informing people about what was taking place.

“For the most part, people are not complaining — as yet,” said the passenger who did not have urgent business in the United States.

iWitness News contacted American Airlines at Argyle International Airport but the person answering the call said that they are not autorised to speak to the media.

They gave us a telephone number to the company’s media centre. However, repeated calls to the number, which appeared to be to a location in Keller, Texas, United States, went answered.

5 replies on “Passengers sitting on plane at AIA for 2 hours after ‘strange noise’ during taxi”

  1. I promise myself I will never fly on American airlines ever again. I have a run in inb1996 and promise its the last time I am ever going back on that plane. Two weeks ago I flew out of Montana to new York and for me that was torture walking through the terminal finding yourself to baggage. Never again. They always having problems.

  2. No one wants to be inconvenience such as withstanding a lengthily wait time on a plane. On the flipside, they should go down on their knees and praise God, that the plane did not experience a mishap.

    People are so quick to complain and let their immature side be seen and heard . Instead of being a bunch of chronic complainer’s give thanks and praise to God t that you lived to see another day.

    I believe it could’ve been worse ,God had mercy on you and everyone on that flight, Take the scales off your eyes and look at the full scope of the situation.

    While many people do not have the patience of Job, patience is truly a virtue …… that is necessary.

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