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Amidst strong protest by residents of Layou, the government has rejected an application to construct a third jetty in the Central Leeward town.

Kenton Chance reports…

3 replies on “VIDEO: Layou rejects jetty”

  1. You can’t fool all the people all the time. The politicians want to destroy all the beaches down leeward. Them does just up do anything they feel like without further consideration. These kind of moves has to do with selfish and dutty politics. Come like they don’t care bout ordinary people. Mr Chance, excellent video, very fine Journalism, thank you.

  2. Kenton your interview with Diedy John shows what happened when you depend on politicians to tell the truth and give honest reports.
    Here is something to check out: Ralph mentioned that a survey must be done before any construction begins, but there was no such thing done when the first jetty was pushed down the throats of Layouians. Please ask for those documents and you’d see nothing was said to the Layou people.
    That’s was also one reason Straker didn’t run for election after the Bug Gutt water issue. He had his hand right in the cupboard and tried to lie to the Layou people, so he bowed out of the election and let Charles in. Incidentally he was very critical of Charles and moved back in the next election.
    That’s when our friendship stalled and we haven’t spoken since.
    This story isn’t finished and the representative will face the people for the comments he made. Diedy was right on. I know him well because he followed many of my previous communication on email.

  3. I wish Vakeesah John, Cooper, Champy or even Coach will look at my proposal and contact me. We need things for the beach and we also need to stop folks from taking sand from the beach. The previous town clerk would cut those bags of sad and stop the illegal removal.
    You probably noticed that I referred to Ralph statement before I heard it on your video. I have just listened to the complete video and am satisfied they won’t allow the jetty no matter what planning say.

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