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Minister Saboto Caesar, of SVG, left, and St. Lucia Minister of Commerce, Emma Hippolyte. (API photo)
Minister Saboto Caesar, of SVG, left, and St. Lucia Minister of Commerce, Emma Hippolyte. (API photo)
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines is strategically positioning itself to take the lead in creating a modern medicinal wellness industry, says Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar.

He told a press conference in Kingstown today (Friday) that the government has been approached by several investors globally “to begin the process to roll out a psychedelics industry … which will be a fundamental pillar of the modern medicinal wellness industry”.

The agriculture minister pointed out that consultations are ongoing with regards to the legal, scientific as well as medicinal framework which will inform this thrust.

Caesar said the significant progress made by farmers (traditional cultivators), investors and the Medicinal Cannabis Authority (MCA) is impressive, considering the challenges of the past two years.

A delegation led by Minister of Commerce of St Lucia, Emma Hippolyte is in St. Vincent and has visited cannabis farms, MCA, and met with traditional cultivators as well as the Bureau of Standards.

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Hippolyte said SVG has led the way in the cannabis industry and she was rather impressed by work of the MCA and the products being developed.

“When I look at the end products … especially the lotions … to me, we see that as a market that you can capitalise on,” Hippolyte said. 

The minister said that as St. Lucia explores their own industry, Castries would collaborate with their Vincentian counterparts, “we can use the technical team that you have, the labs that you have, the procedures you have developed, and see how we can merge that

with international standards…” (API)

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  1. How you like that? While gov’t still locking up poor people for marihuana they are themselves in the marihuana business. So when poor people do it it is a crime but when gov’t do it it is not. Now they even have business selling fifteen dollar spliff. Legalise marihuana, stop persecute poor people for it, that ain’t right.

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