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It has been a few months since I have been stationed on these gems in order to monitor the atmosphere on these islands.  Much has changed in the last couple of years and fingers are pointed to a number of reasons as to why this has been so. I fear it is too early for me to say concretely the reasons for the change.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been much talk about leadership in the country. One leader is accused of hogging power and seemingly wanting to make his authority a hereditary claim.  This approach appears to be frowned upon by long time parliamentarians who have worked hard for their position and respect. Supporters, too, are against the refusal to transition and against the intended successor. I will continue to monitor this situation closely. Perhaps, a true patriot is yet to rise from the ashes. One who has been working cunningly with his compatriots in the background to take the leadership by force and free democracy. If this is so, plans may already be afoot to take over the ruins.  I suppose time will tell.

On the other hand, there is a leader who continues to be demonised and lacks the bravado that these nations require from their politicians. He is accused of having no plans, even when he has never been given the opportunity.  Instead, a few civilians champion the concerns of the poor and marginalised and they merely join the action.  Whether they will be forceful enough to move the hearts of the people in the country in such a way as to force new elections is left to be seen.

Of the people, Chief Inspector, there is a growing restlessness among them.  The type of restlessness that requires change — a revolution of sorts.  This is further exasperated by a number of issues including: high unemployment, increased crime and violence, poor health care, rising standard of living and the recent decision to pass laws which caused a number of public servants to become unemployed and now again their re-employment and the ultimate dismissal of those who replaced them.

On the inside, some are tired of the disdain and disregard with which they are treated.  At every turn there is evidence of unfair games and clear biases.

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I will continue to provide regular updates as information comes to hand.


Seargent Dash

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  1. People believe more in the religion than their own common sense and their own eyes and ears. if you have sense just wait the answer will present itself.

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