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Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
Attorney General Jaundy Martin at his swearing in in September 2017. (iWN photo)
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Jaundy Martin is leaving his post as Attorney General, five years after he took up the position amidst what he said were his “concerns and forebodings”.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves confirmed, on radio, on Sunday, that his government is searching for a new chief legal advisor.

The prime minister said that Martin has served well, but his contract ends sometime toward the end of the month.

“He has his family. He has to go and be with his family who lives overseas,” said Gonsalves, who is also minister of legal affairs.

“But I’ve asked him to stay on for at least another month,” the prime minister said.

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“But, as you will know, I will have somebody in mind and would have spoken to that person already, but I am not ready to speak about it,” he said.

Martin is the second person to serve as attorney general since Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party came to office in March 2021.

He replaced Judith Jones-Morgan, who served for 16 years ending September 2017.

At his swearing-in ceremony in September 2017, Martin said he was “very overwhelmed by the occasion…

“It is something that I never personally aspired to, but in the legal profession and a person in service in this country, anything is possible,” Martin said.

“It is a huge responsibility with many challenges. I have my concerns and forebodings, of course. I know I have a high standard to live up to in the person of the former attorney general, Mrs. Jones Morgan, who has said such kind words about me, and I thank her very much for them. But I have resolved myself to face the challenges and to do the best I can for my country.”

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  1. He is trying to give a political reason, lol. no buddy, what’s the real reason(s) you are not renewing your contract. spit it out. lol.

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