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Construction work underway at Beaches Resort in Buccament Bay on Sept. 2, 2022.
Construction work underway at Beaches Resort in Buccament Bay on Sept. 2, 2022.
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The workers from the Dominican Republic employed on the construction of the Sandals Beaches resort at Buccament Bay are “specialists” in concrete works, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says.

There have been complaints that the workers are performing menial construction tasks, with some of them functioning as labourers.

The prime minister was asked at a press conference on Tuesday what categories of workers from the Dominican Republic were employed on the project and why it was necessary to hire them.

You have for the same reason that Vincentians work in other places — contractors need particular skilled persons,” said Gonsalves, who also has ministerial responsibilities for granting work permits.

“I’ve been advised they’re doing some concrete works, where they have developed a fairly rapid system of doing the work where the company with the Dom Rep they have developed skills, and to proceed with that in quite an efficient manner,” Gonsalves said.

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“So, they are specialists persons in those categories whom they have brought in and for whom we have given work permits.”

Gonsalves noted that Vincentians are also employed on the project.

“In fact, there are more Vincentian workers down there than you have Dom Rep workers.”

He said there are several small Vincentian contractors working on the project.

“And they have one or two bigger ones dealing with concrete. And I know that they’re working with a particular contractor now to do the villa,” Gonsalves said.

“One of the things which you have to be mindful about, there’re some contractors, local contractors who do good work once they get off the ground. But when you’re working for an entity, like Sandals, an international entity, you have to move with expedition.

“Otherwise, you are going to lose out. And this is why they’re going to a number of smaller contractors to get workers, but put them under supervision of other persons, other entities. So, there are skill sets. I’ve been advised that for the work they’re doing, they required these persons to do it.”

7 replies on “Dom Rep workers at Buccament are concrete ‘specialists’ — PM”

  1. WTF, you can really get away with anything in Vincy. The unions must be sleeping. Once again SVG workers get the short-end of the stick.

  2. While there is no work for locals we importing labour. Strange that it wasn’t Venezuelans or Cubans.

  3. Gregory Durrant says:

    When is this skullduggery and deceiving lies stop? After 21 years our leader is now taking us for granted and feels that once he utters we have to accept what he says as he is the ultimate ruler. Vincentians need to get their proverbial heads out of the sand and realize that we have been hoodwinked for the past 21 years and need to wake up. I have never seen Svg has more corrupt and one sided in my 64 years as a citizen. Enough of one thing. Time to move on to fairness and equity amongst our population.

  4. 1434 jack place says:

    Hands off talking from experience you put Vincentian alone there to work and see how long will it take to complete and when it finished see what you are going to get

  5. Does anyone can understand what is being said here. this alot of BS. just say they are being paid Slave wages.

  6. Education revolution my foot. (I wonder if you all know that there is a human presence on mars?) The fault lies squarely with the government. Just now they want to build a 600 million port. That would be the real test. Vincy people wake up from your sleepless slumber.

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