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Dear Creditors
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Dear Creditors,

Please stop calling me. Call the PM and tell him I was paying my bills until his government took away that right! Tell him I was gainfully employed, paying all my bills and supporting myself. In my almost 30 years of working, I moved on to a new job when Ichose to, in order to enhance my learning experiences, professionalism, earning power and hence improve my standard of living. 

I was still employed while the WHO, CDC, and here at home, the “experts”, CMO and the PM couldn’t make up their minds about masking, physical distancing, vaccine efficacy and which vaccine brand  is recognised. They fully well knew that the plandemic was not about our health, only about profit. I say this because if the world was going through a health crisis as they claimed, did it matter which country, pharmaceutical company, or herbalist had a product or natural remedies which could help save lives? No! their only CONCRETE solution for the population was “get the COVID-19 vaccine or get fired!”

I was expressing my legal, ethical and bodily rights when I didn’t submit to an experimental “hit or miss” substance! My employment contract did not state that I must be vaccinated for the flu or for any other illnesses for that matter, nor did it advise me that conditions are subject to change regarding immunisation requirements.

I wasn’t supposed to question anything, I wasn’t supposed to think for myself, I wasn’t entitled to have an opinion, I wasn’t given the option of testing or even offered a reassignment of duty. I was just 

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supposed to submit to a questionable substance in blind obedience.

Where are the unions who should be representing private sector workers? The Labour Department jumped on board with this concrete mandate so there was no form of recourse with regards to the rights of the workers, whether it was frontline, back line or otherwise. 

Where are the jobs that we were ordered to go and look for if we didn’t want to take the vaccine? It’s almost a year since I’ve been added to the unemployment statistics of the educated, skilled and once independent (adult) population who can’t find those promised jobs.

And, why to this day, companies are including in their job ads “must be fully vaccinated” or when you  go for an interview, they are slyly asking about your vaccination status?

I would like to know: 1. what “fully vaccinated” means. Is it two doses of the substance, two doses plus one booster, two boosters, five boosters … and 2. what does taking COVID-19 vaccines PROVE?

Does it prove that it’s safe and effective for ME? That I cannot catch COVID I wouldn’t die from COVID? Does it prevent my/your hospitalisation? Will it Improve my job performance? Am I safer being around your vaccinated COVID positive spittle? OR because WHO/CDC/CMO & PM demand we do as we’re told?

I think by now we all know the answer. Up to now, the “experts” still can’t figure which end is up, yet they were quick to set in stone a public policy which destroyed peoples’ lives and livelihoods.

Therefore, creditors, and service providers, before you repossess the property for which you granted me a loan and some years in which to repay, before you send the bailiff for me, before you disconnect my utilities, I beg you to first call my last place of employment and ask them whether I was reporting  on the job and putting in an honest day’s work six days a week, morning, noon, and night, whether I was going beyond my call of duty on many occasions without extra remuneration, whether my NIS/taxes were being paid, whether I was a danger to anyone.

Please call the Labour Department and ask them if there were any reports of misconduct made against me since I’ve been in the workforce (unless refusal to comply with a spiteful mandate that violated my rights is considered misconduct)

And please call the CMO and the Prime Minister and tell them they took away my independence, destroyed my quality of life causing me emotional pain and distress and rendered me  practically penniless.

They weren’t there to co-sign on my mortgage loans, my utility agreements, my health insurance, yet they signed a policy contributing to my unemployment status.

My college-aged child who migrated due to lack of meaningful job opportunities for the youths,  is earning a living  in someone else’s country, while continuing to put himself through school and the same time has become the sole breadwinner. I didn’t expect to be financially dependent on anyone while still in my youthful able-bodied years. So please bear with me.



A Very Angry Black Woman

PS: Also advocating on behalf of my fellow Vincentians, many of whom are in worse positions than I am.

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6 replies on “Dear Creditor, don’t call me. Call PM, CMO”

  1. This article brought tear to my eyes, just knowing that I am in the same boat just in a different country. But where is the integrity?. Government should have some compassion for the people. But what we know things will escalate because there’s no justice on earth. Keep the faith every one who read this. The Pharoah you see today you will not see tomorrow God has a plan we just have to trust him and be patient.

  2. Donald De Riggs says:

    Now that there is a wealth of information that the Public Health Act is not legit, as was the apartheid law in SA….the Opposition and Unions must insist that government repeal the Public Health Act as well as compensating all who were terminated wrongfully, including restoring ALL benefits. The time is NOW !!!

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