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SVG national trust

The board of trustees of SVG National SVG. From left: Maferne Mayers-Oliver, Doris Charles, Osei Morris, Descima Hamilton (chairperson), Kathy Martin, Kezi Francis, Leslyn Tucker-Baisden (vice-chair). Insert: Anthony Theobalds and Zahra De Freitas).

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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust now has a new chair and vice-chair.

Descima Hamilton has been elected chair, replacing Deirdre Millington Myers, and Leslyn Tucker-Baisden has filled the vice-chair position, replacing Louise Mitchell.

Millington Myers and Mitchell expressed their desire to demit office as the National Trust held its annual meeting recently.

At the meeting, Millington Myers, in delivering her report on the work of the National Trust over the three-year period, indicated that her two decades of serving as chair, vice chair and trustee and heading the committee of Built Heritage and Architecture, were a rewarding experience but it was time for her to step away from active duty with the National Trust.

She encouraged younger persons to be involved and lead the National Trust into the future.

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The SVG National Trust also bid farewell to Mitchell, who served over the last 20 years in various capacities, including chair, vice chair and trustee.

The National Trust said that Mitchell’s passion heightened in the conservation, preservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

At the annual meetings, a collection of artefacts donated by Dr. Cecil Cyrus was unveiled by his wife, Kathleen Cyrus.

Several members of Cyrus’ family were on hand to witness the unveiling, an event which he was unable to attend.

A recognition award was presented to Cyrus for his invaluable contribution to the National Trust.

The National Trust also made Cyrus a life member in recognition of his contribution to nation building, a status that was also accorded Marlon Bute, of District Stairs (Canada), and Errol Sutherland, of Sea Operations (SVG) Ltd.

The meetings also elected a new board of trustees, the other members of which are Maferne Mayers-Oliver, Doris Charles, Osei Morris, Kathy Martin, Kezi Francis, Anthony Theobalds and Zahra De Freitas.

They will serve for three years.

The SVG was established in 1969 by an act of parliament to manage and conserve the natural and cultural beauty and wealth of SVG. 

“The Trust will continue its work as mandated and anticipates continued support from the nation for upcoming projects.  The Trusts extends an invitation to the general public to take up membership,” a press release said.

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  1. Joined a few years ago but never got any information about events and developments, although offered my services to write some SVG heritage history.

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