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The scene of the stabbing in Kingstown on Monday, July 3, 2023.
The scene of the stabbing in Kingstown on Monday, July 3, 2023.
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St. Vincent and the Grenadines recorded two killings (tonight) Monday, the third in as many days.

A man, said to be a minibus conductor, died in the hospital after being stabbed in the area of the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown.  

Then, later on in the night, a man died after being shot multiple times in Bay Road, Langley Park.

The killings follow the death of a man who was felled by a gunshot to the head in Greiggs Friday night.

Police are yet to comment on any of the deaths, which bring the homicide count this year to 26, following on last year’s record 42. 

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4 replies on “SVG records 2 killings Monday night ”

  1. Orlando D Alexander says:

    It is time the government lock down the country and have the police force skirmish each and every home and building to eradicate all these guns, ammunition, and unlawful weapons of mass destruction.

    St Vincent and the grenadines has now become the (WWW) wild wild west.

    As far as I can see the future and growth of the country has been nabbed by these arrogant selfish perpetrators who not only reducing the revenue of the country with all these senseless killings but also stealing the future from the youths.

    As far as I can see it, the type of music being played and produced inside and outside of the country, the adaptation of the lifestyle such as dress code, ethics and culture of other wayward countries has a part to play in our society who was once called hairuna, land of the blessed.

    The question is ” are we still blessed’?. “Or are we cursed from civilization”? .
    Who is the minister of national security in St Vincent? Are you fit enough to lead the skirmish both mentally and physically to eradicate the depopulation of our nation?
    How all these guns and ammunition getting into the country?
    It’s time St Vincent stop exporting youngsters to the outside military and have a compulsion where everyone has to dedicate 2 years of the life in community building and its own defense military after leaving school to help with the mindset of these youths.

  2. R we becoming hate-T. What’s going on. Is d whole government on vacation..d ministry of security…touring d world? Is our safety non of their business? Is their business just to receive monthly, hefty taxpayers tax. Is it that we have to wait for election time before we see r hear they playing that they doing something and after they get back there they forget about our safety? R r we have to b Qbans for there to b great concerns(hope they catch that perpetrator soon and bring him to justice it’s an attack on d innocent like some of our fallen citizens).

  3. What is happening in this country, I know this is happening all over the world, but for a small country like ours we do not need this, I have invest in this country and is seriously thinking of PULLING OUT, IT IS FRIGHTENING MAN

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