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Ashano Benjamin, one of the accused men.
Ashano Benjamin, one of the accused men.
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The son of Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for police operation, Christopher Benjamin has been slapped with charges of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. 

Ashano Benjamin, an employee of the Income Tax Department, is slated to appear in court on Monday to answer to charges that he had the firearm and ammunition in his possession in Arnos Vale on Oct. 27, 2023.

He is jointly charged with Kemani Gould, another Barrouallie resident.

A third person, said to be a national footballer, who was part of the investigation was released without charge, iWitness News was reliably informed. 

iWitness News understands that the men were charged after the investigation was handed over to a senior detective this week.

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The men had been released on bond on two occasions after they were initially arrested in Arnos Vale on Oct. 27, where an international football match was being played.

Despite the presumption of innocence, the charge could prove somewhat of an embarrassment to ACP Benjamin, who on Monday acknowledged that many Vincentians were asking what the police were doing to fight crime in the country.  

“We are working hard to keep everybody safe but if I outline to you exactly in detail what we are about to do or what we are doing, it will defeat the purpose,” the senior police officer told a police press conference.

“But all I will say, you will feel us. So, expect some inconvenience based on our initiatives. We will be seen. A high police presence will be visible throughout our communities and also, we will be present but not so present. So, we will be there and you won’t know we are there,” Benjamin said.

“I urge citizens, come forward, give information to the police so that we can bring these people who are committing these crimes to justice. Don’t wait until it is affecting you to come forward. Remember we are all in this crime fighting business together.”

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  1. Nah I know better wen u give police information some of Dem goin an call you name an tell the people mother or relatives who u be . I’m talking from experience . Take stock dey want to come bak an charge u .

  2. No one knows wat these kids b doin , we make them but not there minds , n Becaz his dad is highly a police officer it will look bad on his family

  3. To how the world is going rite now gun is not only to rob and kill it also to protect our self and others so getting caught with a gun is one but is what the gun is use for so stop being so blind to the fact tha we are the people the people are the police so pick Sense and stop playing blind

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